standard The Cult of Christmas

Holiday season is upon us, which means that there are many different celebrations going on. Christmas has become a cult of it’s own thanks to commercialism and there are many iconic symbols of Christmas that inspire this cult following. The […]

standard Your Earth’s Journey

Many people believe there is something more to this life than we can see with our eyes and feel with our bodies. There is no doubt that there are numerous unexplained events around us. They serve as evidence of how […]

standard 10 Things you Never knew about The Monster Squad

A horror classic, Monster Squad is an 80’s movie just turned 30. In 1987, a group of teenagers who love horror culture have to save their town when all the classic monsters mysteriously show up. Monster Squad stars Andrew Gower, […]

standard Cult vs. Occult

CULT OR OCCULT? These words are sometimes confused because the expression a cult often sounds like the word occult. Cult most commonly means a religious sect organized around a strong leader and requiring beliefs or commitments not typical of other […]

standard Spahn Ranch (Charles Manson) 1998

Church of Misery is a doom metal band from Tokyo, Japan. Church of Misery’s style melds early-era Black Sabbath style doom with psychedelic rock. Born Too Late (CHURCH OF MISERY / sHEAVY)” (1998) Spahn Ranch (Charles Manson) [Songs & lyrics […]

standard Lunatic Of God’s Creation (Charles Manson) 1990

Deicide is an American death metal band formed in 1987 by brothers and guitarists Brian and Eric Hoffman and drummer Steve Asheim as “Carnage”, then hiring bassist/vocalist Glen Benton and becoming “Amon”. They would later change the band name to […]