standard Cult vs. Occult

CULT OR OCCULT? These words are sometimes confused because the expression a cult often sounds like the word occult. Cult most commonly means a religious sect organized around a strong leader and requiring beliefs or commitments not typical of other […]

standard Spahn Ranch (Charles Manson) 1998

Church of Misery is a doom metal band from Tokyo, Japan. Church of Misery’s style melds early-era Black Sabbath style doom with psychedelic rock. Born Too Late (CHURCH OF MISERY / sHEAVY)” (1998) Spahn Ranch (Charles Manson) [Songs & lyrics […]

standard Lunatic Of God’s Creation (Charles Manson) 1990

Deicide is an American death metal band formed in 1987 by brothers and guitarists Brian and Eric Hoffman and drummer Steve Asheim as “Carnage”, then hiring bassist/vocalist Glen Benton and becoming “Amon”. They would later change the band name to […]

standard Charles Manson: The Man, The Myth, The Legend?

Charles Manson was an unlikely figure to evolve into the personification of evil. A few inches over five feet, he was a petty criminal and small-time hustler. And his followers bore little resemblance to the stereotypical image of hardened killers. […]

standard Athena, the goddess of wisdom and military victory

Hailed as Zeus’ favorite child, the Olympian goddess Athena is one of the more popular and worshipped gods in Greek mythology. Much like many of the Olympian gods, Athena overlords many facets of life, including wisdom, war, crafting, the city […]

standard 5 Cult Books You’ve NEVER heard of

Cult books tend to be pretty obscure. While there’s a few “big name” cult books that have made it into movies many cult books are decades old. Authors like Sax Rohmer and Herman Hesse wrote their works almost 100 years […]