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standard At the Doorstep of Dramatic Eclipses

Predicting the Future with Astrology. Can it be done? It can and it is done. Read How I do it here and see if it rings true for you. By Astrologer Kira  Astrology for Summer 2019 – At the Doorstep […]

standard 3 Incredible Music Covers You Should Hear

The internet is replete with talented musicians and incredible covers. One chat together will not be enough to show you all that’s out there. However, I can surely give you a taste of what you may be missing on the […]

standard The Two Sides of America’s Border Wall Debate

By: Artemus Bryant As you may know, a debate by its very definition is an argument between two opposing views on a particular topic. America’s Border Wall is no different. Although, as it is often said, there are two sides […]

standard 5 Reasons Why Aquaman Is Ruling The Box Office

The DC Extended Universe’s latest release Aquaman tries to course correct some of the missteps of the franchise, while still bringing a fresh face and exciting world to this pre-existing universe.  The DCEU thus far has almost been written off […]

standard Avengers: Endgame – What Happened To Hawkeye?

After almost an entire year of speculation and theories, the follow up to Avengers: Infinity War finally has a title. But does the follow up satisfy audience expectations, or is it something we never saw coming? Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity […]

standard The Devil’s Interval: It Gets A Bad Rap

You read that right. Satan has his very own special sound.   Today we’re going to talk about music. Specifically, two notes that, when combined, create the most fiendish of sounds. This interval between the two notes is called a […]

standard What is the meaning of Halloween?

“We all know Halloween was invented by the candy companies” Thankfully, most of us know this isn’t true. Halloween or Hallowe’en is observed all over the world and has encompassed many different traditions to make a season of festivities. The […]

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standard The Demons in Us: Rahu and Ketu

Simply put Rahu or the North Node of the Moon and Ketu or the South Node of the Moon are calculative points where the paths of Sun and Moon intersect. And therefore, they are always in opposition with one another. […]

standard Autumn Astrology Report

By: Astrologer Kira After the eclipse season (retrograde Mars and Mercury) we all had to deal with during this summer – in the form of delays, rechecking, reconnecting and even definitely separating from the things, ideas or people we no […]

standard How to Build the Perfect Playlist

Sponsored Content Music can set the mood, no matter the occasion. Whether you’re playing jazz classics to give your dinner party a sophisticated ambience or blasting the latest dance-pop tracks for motivation on the treadmill, music is able to provide […]

standard Download Before You Go This Summer

Sponsored Content As you pack your travel essentials for your summer road trip, long weekend at the beach or a lazy day at the pool, there’s one thing you might be forgetting. Wherever you go, your favorite shows and stars […]


standard Huge Blow-Out Sale!

Get Amazon Fire Stick TV Today for $19.99 and enjoy the Benefits of Amazon Prime FREE for 30 Days! Not only will you enjoy Prime Benefits like FREE Shipping on Products, Great Discounts, Same or Next Day Delivery but you’ll  […]

standard Sinful Comedy School

What makes comedy a little tough to deliver at times? You don’t always know what is funny. Also, some of the topics that are easy to make fun of – are the topics that you are not allowed to make […]


standard New Cult Books to Read

The very nature of cult books is that they’re a little bit obscure and maybe weren’t so popular when they were released. So how can you have a “new” cult book? These books, released for 2018, might be new now, […]


standard Ideal Conceal – Genius or Disaster?

The newest baby of the NRA, dubbed the “ideal conceal” looks just like a cell phone. It’s small, black, compact, and, not surprisingly, shaped just like a cell phone. When it comes to concealed weapons the entire purpose is to […]

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standard 5 Most Anticipated Movies

February 2019 sees some interesting movies releasing, ranging in subject matter from futuristic cyborg stories to a parody of a romantic comedy to a true story about fake wrestling! Check out the 5 most anticipated movies. Alita: Battle Angel The […]

standard What is Angel number 666?

Most things you hear about the number 666 are bad. It’s associated with the devil, the beast, satan, and all sorts of biblical nasties. Except for angel number 666. Angel numbers are considered to be the secret messages passed using […]


standard All Jokes Aside: Comedy is Serious Business

How to distinguish one comedy from another comedy? The common trope is to make people laugh. The next question then becomes which type of people? The moment you get some idea which audience responds to the kind of humor produced […]


standard 3 Most Ruthless Cult Leaders in History

Cults have a certain fascination for people. These closed, secretive and often dangerous groups can be involved in any number of wicked or depraved activities. Everyone has heard of Manson, the most famous cult leader of all. A cult is […]


standard Who was the BEST Dracula?

From the day Nosferatu crept onto the silent screen we’ve been obsessed with fangs. A popular myth for well over a hundred years by that time, Bram Stoker immortalized what was at best superstition and at worst outright lie. From […]


standard Lucifer: Light Bearer?

  Lucifer, Samael (Prince of the World), Serpent (snake), Prince of Darkness, Father of Lies, God of This World, Dragon, Morning Star, Devil, Day Star, Beelzebub, King of Tyre, The Thief, Metatron, Angel of the Lord, etc. Any of these […]

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standard Frozen 2 Gives Us A New Adventure!

The sequel to one of Disney’s biggest successes reveals its teaser and marks the return of the entire fan favorite cast, as well as a brand new adventure. Disney’s Frozen released in 2013 and became an instant classic among kids, […]

standard The Creepiest Thing You’ll See Today

The prolific horror studio Blumhouse seemingly does it again in the trailer for their latest movie, Ma, starring Octavia Spencer in an avatar like you’ve never seen her before! Octavia Spencer In The Ma Trailer Is The Creepiest Thing You’ll […]

standard Cult Favorite? The Flash – Weigh In

Season 5 of The Flash on The CW introduces Barry Allen and Iris West’s daughter, and the character is the worst thing to happen to the show. Introduced as a cliffhanger in the Season 4 finale, Nora Allen-West (Jessica Parker […]

standard Breeders: Women who are Addicted to Pregnancy

By: Kelly Banaski There was once a time in American not-so-far-gone history when big families were the norm. It was not uncommon to go to church or work with someone in a family of six or more kids. Most women, […]

standard What is the Best Kama Sutra Position?

If you’re a grown adult who enjoys sex you’ve probably heard of the Kama Sutra. This ancient Indian text is considered to be a sex manual for the adventurous but you’ve probably been doing many of the positions without even […]

standard Happy 20th Anniversary Spyro

It’s anniversary time for this fun-loving digital dragon. Happy 20th Anniversary Spyro! What entertained you in the 90’s? Was it the last episode of Seinfeld? The first episode of Friends or big, exciting adventure films like Titanic, Saving Private Ryan or […]

standard Escape the Heat with Cool New Shows

New and classic shows and films to watch in August Sponsored Content If the August heat has you and your family seeking the comfort of air conditioning, make the most of your cool-down with timeless movies and newly released shows. […]

standard TV Series That Now Changed Everything

We have all been there, sitting on the couch, surfing the channels and not being able to find anything interesting to watch. Even with the series that you have never seen before, it feels like you already know how it’s […]


standard 5 Stoner Bands that live up to the Genre name

Stoner metal is quite, I won’t say “unrecognized”, but surely an underrated genre among the louder versions of rock. And it’s not hard to see why. Although the majority of metal bands use scary, and sometimes gross imagery, stoner metal […]

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standard TiVo BOLT OTA Review

TV viewers have more options than ever You’ve decided to cut the cord. Now, how can you continue to enjoy all your favorite shows in a cost-effective and convenient manner? With multiple ways to access content in today’s home entertainment […]

standard 5 Ways to Connect with Your Heritage

\ Every family, regardless of origin, has a story. Learning about that history can lead to finding your own story and the powerful meaning of heritage. From discovering your ethnicity to connecting with distant relatives, a resource like Ancestry can […]

standard The Basics of SteemIt

What is Steem It and Steem Drive? Lets break it down for you. Steem It 101 Steam is water in the gas phase, which is formed when water boils. Steam is invisible; If heated further it becomes superheated steam. Increasing […]


standard Greed and Aspiration

There is nothing impossible to him who will try. -Alexander the great WHAT IS GREED? Greed has always been an innate characteristic of man. It might be argued that greed destroys. One look at Alexandria the great and The Roman […]


standard Humanity Hates Change

In the town of the blind, a one eyed man is king. -ANONYMOUS  Change is inevitable, it is a phenomenon that occurs on a daily basis; it happens every day, every hour and every second.  It is evident by the […]

standard Guilt, Depression and Suicide 

A man looks up at a fifteen-story building; he admires the detail that was put into the building. From the windows to the elevation of the building, the architecture is worthy he thinks to himself. He goes into the lobby […]


standard Can You Trust Astrology?

Sudden and Destined Love Encounters Can You Trust Astrology? Of course you can. You can absolutely and with all of your heart trust astrology. However, you shouldn’t trust the astrologer. But this depends on something else… Right now, you should […]

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standard 4 Benefits of Yoga Most people Ignore

  Yoga is one of the most effective ways one can use for both physical and non-physical benefits. In fact the list of health benefits associated with yoga keeps longer and longer as time passes by. Most people concentrate in […]


standard Best FREE online tattoo resources

Most people have no idea what they want tattooed. Consults with artists take time, and usually they expect you to come prepared so they know what tattoo to draw. Other people browse wall art that thousands of other people have. […]


standard Your Oracle Reading

  An Oracle card reading is a wonderful way to receive guidance. One need not necessarily have an issue to receive a reading. These powerful cards help you to focus on the energies and offers you insight into what you […]

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standard An Exclusive Offer for our Subscribers

We just wanted to take a moment to Thank You! for Subscribing to Sinfully Vin! As a Subscriber, we consider you part of the Family! To express our Appreciation, we’d like to extend an Offer to You. we’d like to […]


standard What is Mortal Sin and Venial Sin?

Where are you in your Spiritual Journey? Find out now by reading this. Death is inevitable. Everyone alive will die one day. Hence human beings are also known as Mortals. When a mortal intentionally commits an act which can only be […]

standard Content Writers and Guest Bloggers Wanted

We are always looking for Content Writers and Guest Bloggers. We are looking for people with knowledge of obscure heavy metal music (sludge/doom), cult movies, films and art. Wuxia, Spaghetti Westerns, Giallo. Forum members welcome! Articles should be 300-350 words […]

standard An Afterlife: Heaven and Hell? 

The afterlife is the belief in the continual existence of an individuals consciousness after the physical body dies or ceases to exist. The intricate part that continues to exist outside the body is sometimes referred to as a soul. Philosophers […]


standard Shop Our Store

Sinfully Vin is a provider of Top Notch Cult Movie, Music, Book and Art website. Cult, also commonly referred to as Cult Classic, is a film or band with a cult following. Obscure or unpopular with mainstream audiences, and often […]


standard Religion: Is it Necessary? 

There should be no discrimination against languages people speak, skin color, or religion.  -Malala Yousafzai Religion brings to man an inner strength, spiritual light, and ineffable peace. -Alexis Carrel These are all beautiful sentiments about religion, I can only guess […]


standard Your Earth’s Journey

Many people believe there is something more to this life than we can see with our eyes and feel with our bodies. There is no doubt that there are numerous unexplained events around us. They serve as evidence of how […]

standard Cult vs. Occult

CULT OR OCCULT? These words are sometimes confused because the expression a cult often sounds like the word occult. Cult most commonly means a religious sect organized around a strong leader and requiring beliefs or commitments not typical of other […]


standard Sinful /ˈSɪnfəl/ – Sinfully YOU!

What is it that makes me Sinfully Vin? What is it that makes YOU Sinfully You? According to THE BOOK: The 10 Commandments List (Short Form) You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make idols. You […]

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standard What does “Cult” mean?

The term “cult” gets thrown around a lot but what does it actually mean? The definition of Cult is simple enough – cult means a group of followers. Those followers often have a religious fanaticism to follow something be it […]