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jes - ​Christianity and its Faults 

Christianity has come a long way after two thousand years, it is one of the most peaceful religions around with doctrines preaching peace, love, righteousness. But just like everything in life has a good side and a bad one, so those the subject matter too.

It cant be denied that Christianity as a religion today, is a relatively a peaceful one. But that doesnt mean that it was always like that. It is no secret that many wars have been fought because of land, money, power, and in the name of different gods. Christianity is no different.

In the year 1096-1099 there were a bunch of crusades (a set of religious wars endorsed by the Latin church in the medieval times) against several people by the Christians. One of such was when Peter the Hermit led a large number of mostly poor Christians out of Europe in what was later tagged as the People’s Crusade. These Crusaders massacred entire Jewish communities. Different Popes also led groups of Crusaders to the Eastern Mediterranean to fight the Muslims and aid the Crusader States in the early 12th century.

​Christianity and its Faults It can be argued that all these are all in the past and that the religion is better now. The point I am trying to get across here, is not to say that Christians are a blood thirsty group, far from it. My point is that this is just another instance portraying how few Christians like other believers in other religions do not fully understand or comprehend their doctrine. Another point is and also stressing on the duality of the doctrine itself, it is very easy for an individual to rise up and twist the doctrine into something to serve his own purpose. Just as Peter the hermit claimed he had a letter containing instructions from heaven besieging Christians to ready for the imminent apocalypse by laying siege to Jerusalem. Man is a political animal, but it is very disturbing to see how the men of God who are supposedly the mouth piece of a divine force slowly incorporate their own wants and needs into the message they preach. Preaching not so divine messages of hatred so as to askew the view of individuals against others, words that deceive gullible masses to do things that are detrimental to them and favorable to the church.

In every aspect of life there’s always a person or a group who profess or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs. Religion is no exception. The practice of a religion is guided by rules and regulations (at times these rules could be too much or clearly be unrealistic standards for a human being) Christianity has said rules. Many Christians stand out to assert their conformity to these rules (which some of them actually do). They paint a perfect picture of themselves to the public, often times conveying themselves as individuals who can do no wrong mean while they harbor skeletons of the worst kinds. They are those who portray themselves as having no doubts or questions about their faith casting shadows over those have hence reducing their self-esteem, those who trash Gay rights but don’t mind watching lesbian porn. Those who say they are humble but exude pride in their every action.  Persons who bash politicians for lying and stealing meanwhile steal in bits and pieces in his workplace. Those who preach love over hate but have no problem with terrorists being tortured.

​Christianity and its Faults 

Racism is a problem all over the world where people are treated with indignation and violence because of their race. Its a problem that is hard to solve and a problem that is still growing. But it is not one you expect to find in such a religion as Christianity. Love your neighbor as yourself, the book says. But they don’t actually do that, not most of them actually. Christianity preaches acceptance but some Christians are still ruled by their hatred for something different. You see Christians hate someone for their sexuality, tribe, religion and creed. But the lowest of them all, some Christians hate their fellow Christians because of the color of their skin, that is ironic for a religion that preaches love above all.
They are too many divisions in the house. They are,  Roman Catholic.

Eastern Orthodox.

Oriental Orthodox.



These are the main divisions in Christianity amongst many others. These were carved up from one church. These factions were created because they were mistakes in the previous faction that in their view needed correction, or because of some irreconcilable difference among them. It is something to be admired when a group wants to better itself and correct its mistake. But this difference made them split up in a sense. Divide and conquer is not saying that is true in this event. When there is division, competition eventually ensues. It may start as friendly competition but it later evolves into something else, breaking what was once one, into many pieces. It is like Winston S. Churchill says:

when there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you

This is not to condemn Christianity as a religion, I believe that for something to be fully appreciated. It has to be viewed as whole, a whole comprising the good and bad aspects of it. Christianity is a pretty decent religion with the donation and man hours they invest into philanthropy. But then again this is just my opinion, you are entitled to yours.


​Christianity and its Faults 

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