standard 10 Things you Never knew about The Monster Squad

A horror classic, Monster Squad is an 80’s movie just turned 30. In 1987, a group of teenagers who love horror culture have to save their town when all the classic monsters mysteriously show up. Monster Squad stars Andrew Gower, Stephen Macht and Robby Kiger, they must defeat the evil Dracula intent on ruling the world with only their loser friends as back up.

10 Things you Never Knew about Monster Squad:

  1. In 1997 the actor who played “fat kid”, Horace, died from pneumonia.
  2. In 2006 Wizard Magazine ranked their top 100 Greatest Villains. Dracula came in at number 30, but it was for this specific Monster Squad Dracula over every other that got the position as it’s considered one of the best interpretations.
  3. Liam Neeson was almost cast as Dracula in Monster Squad, and was actually paid for a part he never shot.
  4. The rats squeaking in the opening scene is actually guinea pigs while the “rats” themselves are actually dressed up armadillos.
  5. Shane Black, one of the co-creators of Monster Squad also wrote part of the movie Predator.
  6. The surnames of the two writers for the movie are Black and Decker, though they didn’t really work together they only shared one line.
  7. The house behind Del Crenshaw when he holds Dracula at gunpoint is also the house used in Lethal Weapon from the same year (1987), a movie also written by Steven Decker.
  8. Gillman, the swamp monster, was glued into his costume every scene and couldn’t see out of it because the eye holes were not at eye height. He could not use the bathroom or eat while in costume (approx 12 hours a day).
  9. The church on Wisteria Lane where all the kids live in Monster Squad is also that used in the show Desperate Housewives and Oceans’s Eleven.
  10. Dracula does not sleep in a coffin like traditional vampires in this movie. He hangs upside down like a bat. The only reason for this is that writer Frank Decker thought it would be “cooler” and more impressive for the scene to have him hanging as a bat from the ceiling.

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