December, 2017


standard Healing Properties of Amethyst


Amethyst is a gorgeous, vibrant purple crystal that soothes the minds instantly. Known as the Master Healer, this gemstone helps to activate and balance all the Chakras, especially the Crown and Brow chakras. Amethyst is also available as White-banded Chevron […]

standard What you NEED to know about ANONYMOUS

Back in 2008 Anonymous got worldwide acclaim for hacking into the Church of Scientology. The group had been around for 5 years already, but it was the illegal activities that opened them up to world scrutiny. While many people admire […]

standard Lucifer Rising (1972) – a cult underground masterpiece

This work of art is by the underground film director Kenneth Anger, it is one of his short films from the Magic Lantern Cycle. The movie is a magnificent ode to Aleister Crowley and his Hymn to Lucifer, it is […]

standard How Astrology Works

Astronomy is considered the oldest natural science on this planet. In those ancient times astronomy and astrology were seen as one and their division happened just recently, in the past 200 years. There are also some archeological evidences that confront […]