standard The 3 Best Cult Tv shows on Netflix Right Now

Netflix has a nasty history of giving us great shows and then either not giving us all the seasons or taking them away quickly. There’s so many shows on Netflix which could be considered cult tv so it’s hard to really pick the best. Here’s a few tv series with cult followings based on genre that the streaming service has right now (Oct 2017) which you should definitely check out if you’re into cult culture.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Any late 90’s teen will tell you that Buffy shaped a generation of girls. The “girl power” generation made moves not seen in womens lib since the 60s and it had a lot to do with shows like this. This was the first tv show to show a vampire with a soul, who was tortured rather than vicious. It had eccentric eye candy for everyone, and a rousing plotline that meant successful, and suspenseful ass-kicking each episode.

The X-Files

Appealing to those interested in the strange, mysterious, or conspiracy theorists, this had two good looking agents who covered both extreme views – skeptic and believer. It’s a cult classic because it appeals to many smaller groups in society and offers a type of escapism and possible answers to many of the unanswered questions humanity has.

Breaking Bad

A series based on a chemistry teacher turned drug baron, the appeal of an ordinary person going to extraordinary (and illegal) lengths for their family helps to make this a firm favorite. It’s one of those shows that brings out every emotion watching it and the characters are easy to empathize or despise. It’s also a great series because while you know the inevitable end of the main character, you’re never quite sure if it’s this time that finally will get him or not.

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