3 Incredible Music Covers You Should Hear

The internet is replete with talented musicians and incredible covers. One chat together will not be enough to show you all that’s out there. However, I can surely give you a taste of what you may be missing on the interwebs. These are 3 Incredible Music Covers I think you should hear.


Thunderstruck covered by Steve’N’Seagulls

Starting our list is arguably the reason videos and the internet were created. This cover has undoubtedly earned it’s place as one of the most viewed covers on the internet.


At first glance, the band name Steve‘n’Seagulls (YouTube channel name “Steve Seagulls”) doesn’t seem to conjure thoughts of killer guitar solos or catchy drum beats. And you’d actually be correct in your assumption.


Hailing from Finland, Steve and company don’t play guitars. In fact, they don’t use any electricity to make their peculiar, cool sound. These musicians are sporting things like banjos, upright basses, varied drum machinations, and accordions. Essentially, we’re listening to a bluegrass band recreate our favorite songs with virtuosic creativity.


I like to say that this is “Thunderstruck in the bluest of grass”. Give it a listen, I think you’ll find it hard to change that dial.


Carry On My Wayward Son covered by Facing West

The original version of this song recorded by Kansas in 1976 was a hard-rocking romp across the fretboards of the band’s guitars. Complete with guitar harmonies and a killer drum beat, this song was the quintessential 70’s rock anthem.


The sisters of Facing West have turned that on its nose by dropping the guitar riffage and focusing more on keys, rearranging the vocal harmony, and synth pads. It’s a hauntingly refreshing take on an old classic that surprisingly pleased this old rocker (I’m talking about me…).


Though I’m not old by any stretch of the imagination, I love classic rock. After watching a few of their other videos (such as the one for their song “Demons”), I can say Caitlyn and Sidney have an undeniable genetic harmony that meshes extremely well.


Having recently discovered them, they remind me of a younger version of the Heart sisters, Ann and Nancy Wilson, and I look forward to hearing more from them. Check them out if you’re a fan of air tight harmonies. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Sweet Child O’ Mine covered by Scary Pockets

One of the many brain children of Patreon CEO and musician Jack Conte (who is legitimately nasty on keyboard), Scary Pockets is a project that seeks to see the funk genre go where it has never gone before.


This is arguably one of the tightest arrangements you’ll find anywhere. I’m always enthralled by the way the rhythms can simultaneously push, pull, and be so cohesive that it makes super glue jealous. I know, how is any of that scientifically possible?


The laws of music physics cease to exist in the Scary Pockets studio. That’s the simple answer.


The lead singer on this track is Mario Jose who manages to apply both soul and funk vibes while keeping true to the wild and free spirit that Axl Rose sung into the original.  In my humble estimations, if Stevie Wonder’s vocals and keyboard arrangements were to find its way onto the same stage as Chicago’s horn section and Earth Wind and Fire’s uber funky bass riffs, you’d have Sweet Child O’ Mine by Scary Pockets.


If all this sounds good to you, give the track a listen. If you’re like me, it will end up on repeat.


Final Thoughts

Today’s musicians are constantly improving their craft. With fresh ideas and quirky players, it looks like we’ll have plenty of great new covers for years to come. The search for great music is awarding in and of itself, and I’m thrilled to be able to bring these suggestions to you.


I hope you enjoyed this article and if you did, please let us know and I’ll put together another list. As always, my goal is to inform, inspire, and illuminate. Have a great day and please feel free to share this article with your friends in person and on social media. See you soon!

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3 Incredible Music Covers You Should Hear

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