4 Benefits of Yoga Most people Ignore


Yoga is one of the most effective ways one can use for both physical and non-physical benefits. In fact the list of health benefits associated with yoga keeps longer and longer as time passes by. Most people concentrate in body fitness, however, there are a lot of non-physical advantages yoga can bring. Here, I highlight a few.

  • Boosts self-awareness; many traditional healers and psychotherapists encourage self-awareness. It’s not simple to attain self-knowledge, but yoga can bring it, with additional greater rewards in the future. Yoga practitioners experience physical senses that are beyond the confinement of their consciousness. This changes their minds and spirit. Ignoring distractions in your mind while strengthening your body is the secret to self-awareness.

4 Benefits of Yoga Most people Ignore

  • Increases the powers of mind/body connection; different poses and breathing exercises in yoga have been proved to increase blood circulation to brain tissues and the entire nervous system. Yoga makes body movements synchronize with breathing. This in turn brings mind/body unity.


  • Gives you a positive mood; meditation and deep breathing techniques in yoga help you regulating breathing patterns. This slows respiratory rate and makes you feel calmer. A study conducted on two groups, those practicing yoga against those who don’t found that; there are increased levels of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) production in yoga group and low levels in a group practicing walking activity. High levels of GABA stimulate brain activity leading to positive mood while their low levels are associated with depression and anxiety.


  • Increases concentration and focus; after yoga sessions, practitioners are more able to focus and concentrate compared to other people, say weight lifters who in most times lack focus in performing tasks. This is because yoga boosts self-awareness and cognitive and lowers anxious state.


This is just the tip of the iceberg; yoga has much more non-physical and general health benefits. Yes, it is that wonderful. Start practicing today!



4 Benefits of Yoga Most people Ignore

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