clt - 5 Cult Books You've NEVER heard of

standard 5 Cult Books You’ve NEVER heard of

clt - 5 Cult Books You've NEVER heard of

Cult books tend to be pretty obscure. While there’s a few “big name” cult books that have made it into movies many cult books are decades old. Authors like Sax Rohmer and Herman Hesse wrote their works almost 100 years ago. Obscure cult books have a cult following of their own, the weirder the better, and these are definitely weird.

5 Cult Books You've NEVER heard of

The Recently Deflowered Girl – Edward Gorey

Reprinted in 2010, the cult book is a cheeky guide for girls who have been recently “deflowered”. It also contains beautiful ink and watercolor images. This cult book has great humor and wit on what, at the time, was a scandalous subject. Extremely short, but delightful.

The Tutu – Leon Genonceaux

Originally only 10 copies of this cult book existed, with 6 surviving today. Written in the 19th Century, it was considered indecent and banned. This cult book is a philosophical book detailing morality and sexuality and taking apart “polite society”. Satirical, and a must for any followers of French literature.

Codex Seraphinianus – Luigi Serafini

Named “the wierdest book ever published”, this cult book is also illustrated. It is written entirely in an unknown language, known only to the author. It’s perfect for those that love puzzles and codebreaking since the message is entirely unknown and unique. The codex is a cult book that you literally have to decipher to understand.

Neuromancer – William Gibson

The book that was responsible for creating the word “cyberspace”. It was written to tie together art and technology in a fictional world with a tongue-in-cheek humor. The story follows a “computer cowboy” on his adventures in cyber space.

The Master and Margarita – Mikhail Bulgakov

There is no other cult book like this. The story follows the Devil in Moscow with a satirical lilt on Soviet life compared to ancient Jerusalem. It was written during the height of Stalinism and aimed to awaken the art and freedom that had been suppressed by the regime.

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5 Cult Books You've NEVER heard of

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