standard 5 Cult Sci Fi Movies influenced by Blade Runner

Blade Runner 2049

This is a bit of a cheat but Blade Runner 2049 has “cult movie” written all over it, and as it’s the sequel to the very film that we are discussing, it carries the greatest influence from Ridley Scott’s masterpiece.


The debut (and still best) film from director Duncan Jones, Moon may not share that much with Blade Runner at first glance. Yes, there is the standard futuristic technology, and a robot that is more Arthur C Clarke that Philip K Dick. It’s when we look closer that the film, starring the brilliant Sam Rockwell as an astronaut who discovers an identical version of himself at the end of his placement on the moon, that the themes of identity, what it means to be human, and the hyper reality of a disposable workforce, that the influence becomes clear.

The Fifth Element

Luc Besson’s Bruce Willis starring sci fi adventure film is basically Blade Runner clean and shiny. Instead of the constantly raining dystopia of Scott’s film, Besson imagines a future of flying cars as a vibrant eco-system. It’s basically what will happen when capitalism evolves.

Judge Dredd

This Sylvester Stallone stinker has its fans (this writer being one) as it is an exersice in wonderfully awful filmmaking. Where the other films in this list take their Blade Runner influence seriously, and try to build off those ideas, Judge Dredd just take the style, i.e. the dystopia, and adds nothing at all to it. Still, it’s utterly hilarious.

Ex Machina

The directorial debut of screenwriter and novelist Alex Garland, Ex Machina is what a full film based on Blade Runner’s Voight-Kampff test, as Domhnall Gleason is tasked with testing the ability of a new android, played by Alicia Vikander, to pass for human. Garland’s film is obsessed with the same themes as Blade Runner and, proves that the questions posed by Ridley Scott’s film are still relevant today in the realm of cinema.

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