standard 5 of the Most Famous Italian Mobsters

The Mob has been around for most of time. Thugs and gangs date back thousands of years, but with the advent of movies many iconic gangsters from the last century have become immortal. The Italian gangster is the iconic “mob” figure, even though there are mobsters in most cultures. The Yakuza is a mob organization but you’re more likely to recognize names like Al Capone than Isokichi Yoshida.

Al Capone

Speaking of, Al Capone is the iconic Italian mobster. He was a ruthless man who began his gang involvement at the age of 14 in Chicago. Capone was primarily involved in the Prohibition era with bootlegged alcohol. He was famously captured because of tax evasion and died young from contracting neurosyphilis.

John Gotti

A more recent gangster, Gotti was born into poverty and turned to crime to help his family. He rose to become the head of the notorious Gambino family and he was indited on drug charges. His viciousness was legendary thanks to beheading the previous boss. He died in jail in 2002.

Frank Costello

His famous nickname, the “Prime Minister of the Underworld”, was well deserved since he is considered to be one of the top Italian Mobsters in American history. He was part of the Genovese crime family and is thought to have been the inspiration for the Godfather figure.

Lucky Luciano

The mastermind who created the “five families” which still reign over the American mob. He rose from a street boy to replace the disorganized gangs with an organized crime syndicate in the early 20th century. He was caught 25 times but always managed to avoid being sentenced which gave him the name “Lucky”.

Vito Genovese

The “Capo di tutti Capi” or boss of all bosses he had a unique style of murder which made him unique. He would kill the intended target, and then kill the messenger or snitch who told on their activities as well. He was part of the winning side of the War of Castellammarese and was in league with Luciano and Maranzano, two other famous mobsters.

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