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‘The Walking Dead’ is, without a doubt, one of the longest-running and most successful shows on TV from the last decade and even after eight seasons, it still manages to intrigue and captivate its loyal audience. Here are a few of the reasons why.

  1. The never-ending plot potential

Evidently, as the writers of the show have also indicated numerous times, ‘The Walking Dead’ is not expected to end any time soon. Mainly because there are still plenty of stories from the comic yet to be told but also because the plot can literally be extended forever. So, good news for the Rick Grimes fan club!

  1. The evolution of the characters

Everyone who is watching the series from the very beginning knows that all of the TWD characters are constantly undergoing significant changes and character development. Much has changed since Season 1 and there is certainly much more character evolution yet to be seen.

  1. The plot twists

If you think you’ve already seen it all – then prepare to be amazed, mind-blown and utterly shocked. In an environment where no one is safe from being killed, eaten or infected with a deadly virus in just a mere second, you could never predict what is going to happen next or who is going to die, even when talking about the main characters. But enough said – no spoilers!

  1. The thrill

The all-surrounding zombie threat, the Negan threat and the overall desperation that the TWD characters have to deal with at all times makes it impossible to guess where all of this will lead them. Terminus, the prison, Alexandria… where to next?

  1. The villains

The Governor and Negan are for sure two of the most impressive end evilest villains in all of TV history. We can only imagine how evil the next villains will be…

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5 Reasons to love ‘The Walking Dead’

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