standard 5 TV Shows from 2018 with Cult Classic potential

2018 gave us dozens of new TV shows, but only a rare few will be remembered in the years to come. Passionate following is all they need to live on in our collective mindset, and some of them already have it – despite being on air for only one season.


Castle Rock

Dozens of Stephen King novels got to live there second life on the big screen, but there’s something that sets Castle Rock apart. It’s not simply an adaptation of one of his books, but his body of work as a whole. Fictional town of Castle Rock is a perfect place for his stories to intertwine, and the results are as chilling as they get.

Altered Carbon

Fans of Richard K. Morgan’s sci-fi novel of the same title were super-excited after Netflix announced they’re making an adaptation. This mind-bending series takes place in dystopian future where the top 1% found a way to overcome their mortality by using a technology that transfers human consciousness between bodies. The story centers on Takeshi Kovacs, and follows his journey over different time periods, different planets, and even different bodies.

Killing Eve

Let’s face it – we’ve already seen dozens of movies and TV shows where serial killers play cat and mouse with the police. They’ve become tiresome, repetitive and unnecessary… And then, there’s Killing Eve. Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s show is a breath of fresh air to the genre and it’s not scared of breaking the rules. Her heroines are constantly pushing each other to the edge and their obsession is a driving force of this ground-breaking show.

The End of the F***ing World

The End of the F***ing World is one of the best black comedies we’ve got in the last few years, yet it went almost completely unnoticed. It captures awkwardness of teenage years in a way no other series of this genre ever did before. This show will take you on a ride-or-die road trip with a couple of misfit kids and turn the whole “boy meets girl” trope upside down.

Wellington Paranormal

Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi gave us one of the best vampire movies in the last few years with What We Do in the Shadows. Despite receiving rave reviews and doing fine on the box office, it’s still a movie mainstream audience doesn’t care for. Same can be said about its spin-off Wellington Paranormal. It centers on a pair of sloppy police officers from the original film, and it’s almost just as hilarious – and underrated.

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