my - 6 things Science has Debunked about Tattoos

standard 6 things Science has Debunked about Tattoos

my - 6 things Science has Debunked about Tattoos

When you walk into a tattoo shop there’s a certain air about the place – mystery. Tattoos have always had “something” that draws people to them and there’s tons of myths and superstitions to do with tattoos – most of them aren’t true. Here’s a few of the most common:

Single Needle

Most tattoos do not use a single needle but a grouping of needles arranged a certain way. They look a bit like different paintbrushes up close, really sharp ones. Science has shown that single needle work is the most difficult and only experienced artists can do it properly and consistently for very delicate work.

Too Much Ointment

Sometimes there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Too much aftercare is as bad as too little for your tattoo. If it gets soggy and the pores get clogged your tattoo becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. Yuk!

Tattoos are Permanent

This one is still mostly true. Tattoos are still very hard to remove and need to be zapped with a laser to destroy the skin cells holding the tattoo. Creams and ointments don’t usually work but can lighten a tattoo or can create horrible scars.

You can’t Get an MRI if you have Tattoos

Not true. In the 1970s metals were still used in tattoo ink which is why an MRI was a bad idea – it would pull the metal out through your skin! Nowadays ink doesn’t contain metals anymore so it’s perfectly safe to get an MRI if you have a tattoo.

Painkillers/Alcohol helps the Pain

Alcohol and some pain killers thin your blood so they can cause your tattoo to bleed out. Endocannabinoids can help boost pain tolerance by increasing endorphins but they’re not an effective painkiller for long. You’ll probably end up fuzzy headed and still in pain which won’t help.

6 things Science has Debunked about Tattoos

Tattoos are for Bikers and $#@%@

Tattooing has a stigma attached to it that it’s only for a certain “class” of people. This outdated thinking is thankfully on the way out and even people like the British Prime Minister’s wife have been seen sporting tattoos.

6 things Science has Debunked about Tattoos

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