A Quiet Place – Cult horror classic we desperately need

If we had to pick one movie horror fans can’t shut up about this year, it’s certainly A Quiet Place. John Krasinski’s latest directorial endeavor became a surprising smash hit and left everyone speechless (no pun intended). But how will A Quiet Place age and does it deserve the status of cult horror classic? What makes it different from other genre masterpieces released in the last few years? People are still discussing layered nature of The Babadook, hidden meanings behind It Follows and political significance of Get Out. Those concepts are also present in A Quiet Place, but one thing you’ll never forget is the experience of seeing it with a larger audience.

Krasinski’s film presents devastating vision of the future, where no sound is welcomed. Making noise leads to immanent death in a world where monsters sensitive to sound killed everyone you once held dear. Members of the Abbot family are among the very few who were smart enough to survive, and we follow them as they try their best to lead normal lives in a world where they can’t scream or laugh aloud. In its very core, A Quiet Place is a story about trying to be the best parent you can be and protecting your children from horrors they might face.


Securing cult status usually means your movie will became something people like to relive together. They’ll organize fan-fests and marathons and revisit this twisted realm as a group, not just individuals. Skeptics will turn their backs on A Quiet Place because it was a success story many people saw in theaters, but that’s a good thing. It’s a film that should be seen that way. This is usually said about big, visually stunning blockbusters, but Krasinski’s horror is stunning in its own right. It connects the audience in a way we haven’t seen in a long time by using atmosphere and suspense as his main weapons.

It’s almost impossible to imagine seeing a movie without loud and annoying people in the audience. A Quiet Place makes them shut up and watch. After it hit the theaters, viewers complained about obnoxious viewers ruining the experience with everything from talking to eating popcorn. It felt like people transported to the fantasy world where noise leads to death, decided to stay silent and judged those who didn’t feel the same way. Everyone who’s seen it probably has their own A Quiet Place story to tell. Mine included a theater filled with literal 12-year-olds who didn’t know anything about it before buying their tickets. But boy, did they shut up! Making a bunch of kids stay silent and pay attention is practically impossible, but if there’s one man who knows how to do it – it’s certainly John Krasinski.



A Quiet Place – Cult horror classic we desperately need

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