standard American Witchcraft: What You Don’t Know


What You Didn’t Know About Witches

What if I told you witches were real and you have probably encountered more than a few in your lifetime? It is true. Witches are a real thing in America and their ranks are growing. Most people who are considered witches are really just members of a Pagan belief system that predates Christianity and is based on natural elements of the planet and solar system. While many people are aware they exist, the specifics on witches and witchcraft are largely unknown. Read on to find out the real deal on the American Witch.

There is Nothing Evil About Witchcraft

Contrary to what the media and popular culture would have you believe, witchcraft is not evil. It isn’t about worshipping the devil, sacrificing anything or doing evil deeds. In fact, quite the opposite. Witches use the power of the earth and our planetary surroundings to draw their energy. They believe that any thought, wish or prayer they put into the universe is returned to them in spades, so they are careful to only wish for the best.

American Witchcraft: What You Don't Know

Witches Are Right in Front of You

Witches are not the black-clad hags with pointy noses you see in the movies. Nor are they the hooded sirens with black rimmed eyes we all imagine. Witches are just like you and me. They are regular people. Your kid’s teacher, your favorite waitress at the local café, and the librarian could all very well be witches. They dress, act and live their lives just like any other person. Their religion is only a part of what and who they are, just like everyone else.

Men are Witches Too

The term witch brings to mind a woman, but the truth is that men can be witches too. It isn’t a religion solely for female practitioners. Men identify with the deeply natural elements of the practices and rituals as well.

They Really do Cast Spells, But, it’s Not What You Think

Oh sure. Witches do indeed cast spells. Just as you probably imagine, the spells incorporate candles, burning incense and lovely, flowery words. What is not part of spell casting is any harmful intention, animal sacrifices or demonic possession. The spells are simply focused thoughts intensified by burning candles and asking for the help of certain deities, just as in the Catholic religion. Just because a witch is a passive, peaceful person, does not mean that she is a pushover or powerless. A witch’s spell for you to get exactly what you deserve may not turn out as well as it sounds.

There is so much to witchcraft that people just do not understand. Most people just go along with the media’s representation of what a witch is and then freak out when they find out one lives three houses down from them. Do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with this burgeoning religion before you find yourself turned into a toad.

American Witchcraft: What You Don't Know

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