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There are times when certain numbers or number patterns grab out attention. Many of us have the tendency to overlook them. However, many know that they have a certain meaning attached to them. And, yes, the latter group is very much true. They are Angel Numbers. When a particular number or pattern appears before us repeatedly, it is a message from our Guardian Angels.

So, do numbers have any special powers? According to the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, numbers have excellently high vibrational properties. “All is Number”, he said.  And, that is what gets reflected in patterns.

What are Angel Numbers?

When a certain number repeats in a pattern, it is time we get to know it. And, that is what I will be talking to you in this series on Angel Numbers.

While I will be writing about the properties of various Angel Numbers, it is definitely your personal call to decipher each one. There are no set standards for defining and interpreting an Angel Number. The explanations I post will help each of you to awaken your intuitive powers and help you.

Every soul in this Universe is unique in its own way. In the same manner, every number is unique; so will its energy and vibration be. And, hence the messages they offer will also be unique.

What should you do when you see Angel Numbers?

When you see a number or number pattern at any given moment, it is the time for you to withdraw into solitude. It is a gentle, loving nudge that is asking you to quiet your monkey mind and connect with the vibration. It is a message for you to connect with your guides.

What are Angel Numbers? An Introduction

So the moment you see the supercharged numbers, close your eyes, take a few breaths, and invite the angels to help you to decipher the secret code.

Now what?

Watch out this space to know more about Angel Numbers.

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What are Angel Numbers? An Introduction

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