At the Doorstep of Dramatic Eclipses

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Astrology for Summer 2019 – At the Doorstep of Dramatic Eclipses

At the Doorstep of Dramatic Eclipses

This whole year 2019 is under two major astrological aspects and many people would say that those aspects are rather negative ones. First one is the square or a tense aspect between the planet Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius and planet Neptune in Pisces. This one might even seem like a mild force, but the next one is the essence of dark power and it’s shown through the conjunction of the planets Saturn, Pluto and South Node of the Moon, Ketu, in the sign of Capricorn.

At the Doorstep of Dramatic Eclipses

A case of a fake prophet

A square between Jupiter and Neptune describes the deviation of spirituality, especially now during the major part of this year. many people will feel inclined to defend or to fight for their religious or spiritual views and at the same time, global social media interference will increase the huge clashes, perhaps even causing street fights, massive protests and in some cases violence.

At the Doorstep of Dramatic Eclipses

On the other side, this same aspect can produce lots of lies, liars, and frauds. And this can be obvious when it comes to chemical or pharmaceutical industries too. Medications won’t work or they will have disastrous side effects, pollution will be high as well as many empty promises coming from the influential political, business or religious figures.

At the Doorstep of Dramatic EclipsesThe clash between the gods of darkness

Planets Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, and together with Ketu, are the essence of the dark forces of the underworld. Now, many dirty political games will be played behind the closed doors accompanied by murders described publicly as “accidents”. This is phenomenal time for demons, and exceptionally hard year for all common people, because dramatic economic twists and turns are expected.

2019 Summer eclipses

At the Doorstep of Dramatic Eclipses

This summer will be marked with two very prominent eclipses. On 2nd July 2019 total solar eclipse will take place in the sign of Cancer. This eclipse will directly affect some parts of South America and the Pacific Ocean, so the hurricanes and even earthquakes are expected in this area. On the other side, this eclipse will bring major changes to the people born in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Read more: Here

Even if you are not born in those signs, but you have some sensitive points placed there, you will feel this eclipse as the omen that many new things, ideas, issues, and people must be taken away from you to make the space for new people and new ideas. At the same time, planets Mars and Uranus will make a square and this portraits the possible assassination of a high political or even a royal figure.


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At the Doorstep of Dramatic Eclipses

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