standard Athena, the goddess of wisdom and military victory


Hailed as Zeus’ favorite child, the Olympian goddess Athena is one of the more popular and worshipped gods in Greek mythology. Much like many of the Olympian gods, Athena overlords many facets of life, including wisdom, war, crafting, the city and many more. She is also credited as the female counterpart to Ares, the god of war andhalf-sister to Hercules. Her parents were Zeus and Metis, a nymph.

It would not be a Greek myth without an insane and supernatural origin story. Athena is said to have been born, as a grown adult in full battle armor…from the forehead of Zeus and is not credited with having a mother. Athena is one of the Greek goddesses known as Virgin Goddesses and holds this title with Artemis and Hestia.

One of the more popular stories about Athena is her confrontation with the god of the sea Poseidon. This confrontation led to the naming of the city Athens after Athena was named victor in the challenge set for by Cecrops (the first king of the area at the time). The contest was to see which god can create and offer a gift that is genuinely valuable to the people of Athens. Poseidon struck the ground with his trident and created a well for the city, however the well was filled with salt water, which we all know to not be ideal for the human body to consume.

Athena, on the other hand, created the olive tree. Not only has this been a feature commodity of the area nowadays, but also is a symbol for peace and prosperity. Cecrops named Athena the champion of the city, which still bears her name today.

Where the Greeks wrong about their God and Goddesses?

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