Angela Taylor

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20 years ago, I was a single mom of three who didn’t want to be a single mom for longer than necessary. It wasn’t because I believed that I needed someone in my life. I had a good job, we lived in a good neighborhood and we were all very happy. We were not struggling at all financially or otherwise. I didn’t need a significant other. I wanted someone in my life and I created a plan. I lived my life as though I were married to a perfect-for-me husband. This meant that after getting the kids to bed, I did things that I would do with him, such as watch TV instead of doing laundry. It also meant that at church, I sat with a space between me and the end of the pew; having the kids only sit on one side of me - the empty place was where my mystery man would sit. I went to the places where I would expect to meet the type of person I desired in my life. Within 2-weeks, I began to see a handsome man who I hadn’t seen before. He seemed to be everywhere. I couldn’t ascertain whether or not he was single so I continued to go where I expected to find the type of person I desired in my life. After about a month, he showed up in one of the places I would go expecting to find the type of person I desired in my life. He asked someone who I was and they introduced us to each other. We married a few months later. I had no idea that what I had done was activate the Law of Attraction in my life. As I’ve studied to learn more about this universal law, I realize that I’ve experienced this Law in action a variety of times over the course of my life. I challenge you to make the necessary changes so you too can experience the Law of Attraction in all it’s glory.

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