Mars – Rage for Life

Mars is the planet which describes our courage, drive for life, and drive for sex, ambition, creation or destruction. It is also the symbol for blood, especially red blood cells and muscles in the body. When Mars is placed in Aries or in the first house of horoscope, it indicates possible injuries … Continue reading

Mercury – Jack of All Trades

Battle for the Crown Mercury is the planet of communication. He or she is the only planet who can change its sex and readjust to any situation going on around him… or her. This is the planet of great imitators, pretenders and actors, needed characteristics if you want to succeed in public or in … Continue reading

Venus the Queen of Pleasure

Venus and Neptune in Pisces Passion, joy, pleasure, fashion, inspiration, design, desserts, jewelry, makeup, vehicles… these are all terms related to the planet Venus in astrology. And depending on the position of your natal Venus, which means in what sign and house she is placed, and what kind … Continue reading

Astrology Forecasts

When planet Venus moves into the sign of Pisces and she will is very close to Neptune this means slower emotional pace for all of us, time for rest and relaxing and also, this will be the time for romantic dreams, writing poetry, making music or reconnecting with someone older, because Venus will … Continue reading