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standard Autumn Astrology Report

0719126147ca904dc222eb4af1fd7b9a - Autumn Astrology Report

By: Astrologer Kira

After the eclipse season (retrograde Mars and Mercury) we all had to deal with during this summer – in the form of delays, rechecking, reconnecting and even definitely separating from the things, ideas or people we no longer need, to be able to open the empty space for the new ideas, things and people. This Fall: the new phase of our lives is waiting eagerly to be born at last. 


Until 9th of September the planet of love and marriage, Venus will be in her own sign – Libra – making a very favorable aspect toward the planet Mars placed in Aquarius. This is the love story of a man who returned to his loved one. Many couples will be reunited in this time frame with the promise of a brighter future together.  

Autumn Astrology Report


Then Venus enters into the sign of Scorpio, where she will slow down enjoying the new passion and enthusiasm, especially having in mind that she will be joined with the planet Jupiter, known for its ability for expansion. This is also the great omen for the future stability of your relationship, because the planet of love will make very beneficial aspects with the structured and long-lasting Saturn. If your romantic partner is seven or more years younger or older than you, then this period of time will mark the turning point for both of you and this will be the excellent moment to officially crown your love. For this time frame, the classical, romantic and rich in fabrics and details, wedding dresses are the best choice. 


At the same time, the most prominent places for the wedding ceremonies will be the old castles or hotels filled with antiques and the dash of the royal luxury. And in the same manner, this is auspicious time to buy old properties and to redecorate them in an unusual way combining something very traditional with something innovative. 

 Autumn Astrology Report

By the last day of October Venus returns to her home sign, Libra again and this time all the little obstacles she had with Mars will be smoothen at last. Couples in urban areas will feel this as a breath of a fresh air and they will be ready, not just for the renewed romantic spirit, but also for the new business ideas they will perform together.  

Autumn Astrology Report


By the beginning of the second week in November, the planet Jupiter moves to its own house, Sagittarius, and this will be the most desirable time to travel to far and exotic places. Unusual wedding ceremonies held on the beaches or near the ancient temples will look astonishingly beautiful, accentuated with the ethic details and lots of flowers and jewelry.  When Venus turns direct again by the middle of November you will start to make very stable plans for expanding your family and you will surely remember this fall of romance and the new flame between the both of you.    

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Autumn Astrology Report

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