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Our world is overflowing by unexplored mysteries for which we are collectively seeking the solutions. Most people try to solve enigmas such as extraterrestrial life, paranormal activities, vampires and werewolves, witches or similar, but minority searches for the answers about what dwells in the eternal depths of Earth’s waters. Some excellent examples of spotting sea creatures are deeply engraved in the memory of almost every nation which has experience of sailing over the seas. However, some believe there is an entrance to hell beneath the ocean as it is not explored fully by scientists. Through the ages, sailors have encountered monsters from the depths at various places.

So far, explorers learned to distinguish several kinds of sea creatures, such as giant octopuses, sea snakes, and dinosaur-like monsters. Probably, the most known dinosaur-like creature is Nessie, a giant from the Scottish lake called Loch Ness. Many witnessed its dance across this dark lake. For scientists, Nessie is not alone beneath the surface of the lake, but also her family, too. Their scientific assumption is that this creature could belong to the plesiosaurus family, which was extinct long ago.

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Giant octopuses are characteristic for the Asian seas. For instance, the major ship called Pearl was submerged by a mysterious monster with very long tentacles in 1874 near the Bay of Bengal. Seamen spotted a tiny island on the horizon which was actually a monster. It attacked them very swiftly. Seamen tried to cut off its crawling parts but in vain. The ship wrecked in minutes.

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Two American boats have had a similar experience, although this time was a reptile-like monster. They have been attacked near the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean by 50 meters long reptile, for which they thought it was a whale. After a desperate fight, the seamen won and killed the reptile by cutting off its head. However, on the return to their homes sailors disappeared forever. A 30 meters long creature with seven humps had been seen in the North Sea by local clergymen. After some time the same creature attacked Scottish fishing boat, but the fishermen succeed to escape by firing on it. Californians also had an encounter with sea beasts. In 1925 people saw a giant dead monster on the coast of Santa Cruz. They described it as a 12 meters long beast, with tiny long neck, wide skull and a neb like a duck. Furthermore, Florida remembers that their sea was a habitat for a big sea serpent which has a mane like a horse.

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Along these examples, there are many more which readers can explore by themselves. My point was to get mystery seekers closer to these unexplainable happenings in our seas and oceans. In my opinion, there is, certainly, something beneath the eternal oceans that modern science cannot explain, but still needs to keep looking for the answers.

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