standard Benefits of Pets on your Health

Most people love animals and wish to have pets because they are so sweet and kind to us, but there is more to them than just that. Dogs and cats can improve your health in various ways. If you have a pet, then you know how big impact they have on your life. If you come home angry or sad, then your dog or cat will definitely make you feel better and happier.

Can your pet benefit your health?

Owning a pet can reduce your stress, anxiety and depression. They can also make your blood pressure lower, as well as reduce the risk of asthma, heart attack and a stroke.
So, how do pets benefit your health?

Having a dog makes you exercise and walk more than you usually do, especially if you don’t have that habit. When you have a dog there are no excuses, you need to take long walks. Doctors recommend getting a dog if you have heart problems because a dog makes you more active.

Going outside with your pet also helps with social interactions since you meet many people that are also taking their dog for a walk or simply taking a walk in the park.
Dogs and cats help reduce the stress, no matter what happens in your life they are always there for you, helping ease the pain and stress you might feel. Your mood will improve significantly because of the happiness that a cat or a dog can give you.

People that have dogs live longer than other people because dogs make their owners more active, making them have a lower blood pressure and a better cholesterol profile, which is why there are less physical effects of stress.

Having a pet as a child will decrease the chance of having allergies. A study showed that children that live around animals or on farms will develop fewer allergies than those that don’t have pets.