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classicshawbrothers - Best Cult Classic Martial Arts Movies

The popular mixed martial arts fighter has a set of styles that result in arduous combat.

Thinking of movies, we all know that Hollywood has depicted Chuck Norris karate, Jean-Claude Van Damme kicks and Steven Seagal’s arm break.

When it comes to martial arts, there exists lots of fighting styles. Starting from brutal moves to hardcore martial arts.


But, what about the old-aged movies showing deadly mixed martial arts combat? Nowadays, classic martial arts movies are gaining high popularity. There is a massive library of old movies with an extensive collection of fights.

Furthermore, the movies range from the Shaw Brothers classics to the obscure 70’s and 80’s twists. A wide variety of these martial arts movies are available on the Internet ready to be bought on Amazon Prime Video.

Learn the obscure online entertainment trend of martial arts in the following classic movies of all time, with my Top Picks.

The Deadly Duo

Best Cult Classic Martial Arts Movies

A 1971 Hong Kong Wuxia film, The Deadly Duo was directed by the famous Chang Cheh. Starring actors David Chiang and Ti Lung, they both were two warriors to join hands to go and rescue the Prince of the Sung Dynasty. Lung was the leader of the Sung rebels group and Chiang was a mysterious Kung-fu expert. During their mission to set free the Prince, they came across the heavily guarded fortress and had to battle into a never-ending stream of blood.

Fatal Flying Guillotine

Best Cult Classic Martial Arts Movies

The film Fatal Flying Guillotine is a 1977’s movie directed by Raymond Lui Shing-Gung and Chan Sui-Pang. This was among the deadliest movie casting Carter Wong, Sing Chen and Shao-Peng Chen as the main characters. A movie which depicts a martial artist who wreaks havoc in the world of martial arts by killing with a lethal weapon, the flying guillotine. This death machine will decapitate the head completely when thrown in the air over someone.

The Battle Wizard

Best Cult Classic Martial Arts Movies

Adapted from Louis Cha’s novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, The Battle Wizard is a Kung-fu movie directed by Hsueh Li Pao. A Shaw Brothers film production, the movie centers itself on a bookish young man and his sister who is a sword-lover. It is a fascinating martial arts movie where the main casts find themselves battling a trio of villains. These criminals are a yellow-robed warrior, a sinuous snake-charmer and a silk-masked beauty.

House of Traps

Best Cult Classic Martial Arts Movies

This Shaw Brothers production, House of Traps is a 1982 movie directed by the prolific Chang Cheh. Furthermore, the movie depicts a team of highly-skilled martial arts fighters who venture into a creative house with infinite deadly and ingenious traps designed to destroy anyone who enters it. The movie is based on the novel The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants. It portrays Philip Kwok who plays the role of a remorseful killer who vows to defeat any foe. While there are a series of lethal surprises and man-made traps, the house also has untold riches and valuable antiques. The fighters have to go through all these deadly traps. Only a miracle would be able to save them.

The most enthralling characteristics of martial arts cinema are the absolute number of fields it can include. Classic martial arts movies have a controversial blend of combats, horror and deadly weapons. These movies are a form of an obscure online entertainment that take fights to a whole other dimension.

There you have my favorites, what are your Favorites and Why?

Best Cult Classic Martial Arts Movies

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