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A cult film can be almost anything that’s not mainstream and maybe a little obscure, as long as it has a following, a group of people who love it. What makes a movie cult is often the fact that for some reason you love it, because there’s just something so perfect, whether it’s perfectly terrible, perfectly funny, or perfectly scary. There’s something about a cult movie that makes you want to watch it again and again.

Best Cult Movies of All Time


The first comic book movie to receive an R rating starred Jane Fonda and was directed by her husband at the time Roger Vadim. The space exploring secret agent became every man’s fantasy at the time since she couldn’t seem to keep her clothes on. The 9 million dollar cost was nothing compared to the profit from what was, at the time, a scandalous film. Today the scandal is much less impressive, but the beauty of the cinematography and the capture of late 1960s style makes it worth watching over again.


This was a turning point in cinematography. This DIY-esque movie brought a new popularity to gritty and amateurish theatre but what made it so important was that it appealed to the new downtrodden working wage slaves. Their lives connected with the average person on a soul-deep level making them saints to the average people when their antics led them to an on screen freedom of sorts.

(1971)Clockwork Orange

Ultraviolent, Ultramodern, Ultraiconic. There was so much about this movie that made it inspirational and outrageous. Stanley Kubrik directed many movies, but none caused the level that this did, and while it cost studios a fortune it raked in just as much (and still continues to). The movie brought a debate about violence and the way people react as well as famously destroying the song “Singing in the Rain” forever.

Best Cult Movies of All Time

(1975)Rocky Horror Picture Show

If you didn’t love it for the soundtrack then the bizzaro cinematography following sex fiends from outer space with a horror movie-esque theme. It had everything – comedy, horror, camp, and a good song or two. There were many reasons why this became the ideal movie for more than one generation of misfits. And is still a favorite midnight movie.

Best Cult Movies of All Time

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