horr - Best Halloween Horror Movies for Everyone

standard Best Halloween Horror Movies for Everyone

horr - Best Halloween Horror Movies for Everyone

Horror movies are very subjective. We all have our own demons so finding that one thing which truly scares us might not be the same thing that scares our friends. You might need to find the situation realistically scary, while they might prefer mystical energies instead. If you’re thinking of a horror movie marathon for Halloween then consider each genre carefully.

Best Halloween Horror Movies for EveryoneClassic Horror

For those that want to go “old school” there’s nothing better than the British Hammer horror movies. Hammer Horror from the 60’s and 70’s focused on the typical Dracula, Mummy etc, but there were also some more camp offerings like Curse of the Crimson Altar and the original Wicker Man. Many of those movies were the originals of revamps we’ve seen today.

Comedy Horror

With movies like Sharknado making it into the top comedic thriller charts it’s no wonder they’ve moved into the realm of horror movies. Movies like Thankskilling and Zombeavers take the “so bad it’s good” to a new level and let you laugh while the blood flies. Beware, terrible acting, hand puppets, and lots of fake blood ahead.

Best Halloween Horror Movies for Everyone
Best Halloween Horror Movies for Everyone

Slasher Movies

If you have to pick a slasher it has to be Halloween. Michael Meyers is the epitome of Halloween and there’s no better movie to put on. It will appeal to those who grew up watching the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street and the newer generation for the revamps like H2O. If you can’t stomach another year of this choose something else like Scream that everyone can recognize.

Psychological Horror

With so many SAW movies to choose from, there’s nothing more psychologically terrifying than being forced to think what you would do to survive. SAW will mess with your mind, and that’s what makes it so effective as a horror movie series.

Realistic Horror

There are many movies that are “based on a true story” and these span from Amityville Horror in the 70’s right through to Haunting in Connecticut. The style differs greatly so you’ve got the widest range here of horror movies. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is popular but personally, The Strangers, a movie based on a real life unsolved (to this day) mystery will shake you.

Best Halloween Horror Movies for Everyone

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