Best Horror Tattoo Ideas

Horror portraits are big, classic horror, cult horror, and even spooky stuff like swamp monsters and aliens make good portraits. If you’re a horror movie fan then getting a horror tattoo is probably an easy choice.

Pick Your Artist

Not everyone can do portraits. Look at tattoo artist portfolios first and make sure they’ve got the skills to do it. Look for good lines, and experience. Good portraits aren’t cheap but if you can’t tell whether it’s Dracula or the Swamp Thing on your leg when you’re finished you may regret going cheap. Some of the best artists to look at include Darek Darecki, Nikko Hurtado, Domanta Sparvainis, and Paul Acker.

Best Horror Tattoo IdeasClassic Horror

Classic horror movies include The Mummy, Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein and Swamp Thing. These movies date back almost 100 years and have included many actors, actresses and genres. However, when it comes to iconic the first “Dracula” (Nosferatu) is unique, and no one can beat Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein.

Best Horror Tattoo Ideas

Best Horror Tattoo IdeasModern Horror

Modern movies are less about monsters and more about the experience of horror. Choosing to thrill the audience with suspense, sudden jumps, and feelings which linger long after the movie has finished. While it’s a lot harder to pick characters from these movies the cover art is often the coolest.

Best Horror Tattoo IdeasBest Horror Tattoo IdeasBest Horror Tattoo IdeasZombies

Probably the most popular horror theme around at the moment, the zombie tattoo is a wide area.

Best Horror Tattoo Ideas

Choose from cult classic 70s Dawn of the Dead imagery or the modern Walking Dead. Zombies can also be cartoon and funny, or even just a sign like “Dead Inside” or “Braaaaaaaaains” could be a small homage to your love of horror.

Best Horror Tattoo Ideas
Best Horror Tattoo Ideas


Another one that’s pretty wide, there are lots of demon movies and iconology out there. If you’re superstitious though this is probably a bad choice as you could be inviting the devil under your skin.

Give your Artist some Freedom to Design a Custom Piece with your Inspiration in mind.



Best Horror Tattoo Ideas

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