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We all have down times. Those times when the universe keeps kicking us and we feel sucked into a pit of negative energy. Anyone who is interested in energy knows about crystal work or Reiki. Reiki and crystal work aren’t the same but you can’t have Reiki without crystals. Crystals work on the basis that the universe and everything in it vibrates at a certain frequency. By using crystals we can change the frequency that our body is working at or block frequencies that are negatively affecting us. Every crystal and combination of crystals has a purpose because of the affect on the body which means when you’re feeling a certain way (depressed) they can amplify or fix that feeling by changing your energy.

Rose Quartz

Quartz is one of the most important crystals because it is pure. It’s used in almost every Reiki practice, and for almost every spiritual need that someone uses “crystals”. Rose quartz is different from ordinary quartz because it has a deep pink color and is usually cloudy rather than clear. It represents love and covers every aspect of love from paternal through finding your true love and loving your inner self which is why it’s so essential when you’re feeling depressed. It connects to the heart chakra and is used to heal and release emotional wounds. It’s quite a cheap stone so you can wear it as a bracelet, necklace, or simply keep a bowl in the home. I’ve also used it as a smudging stone before.


While this is a “general purpose” stone much like plain quartz it’s also used for intuition and spiritual energy. If you’re feeling attacked and victimized by the universe this spirit stone can offer some measure of psychic protection. Amethyst is a type of quartz that has meditative and calming properties. It invokes balance and emotional stability, something that is usually lacking when someone feels depressed. Amethyst is also connected to the color purple for the third eye chakra so it’s strongly connected with mental faculties.


Selenite is used for mental clarity. It’s a pure white stone that has a tiger-eye like sheen to it. It’s commonly used for Wiccan wands and has a powerful vibration that is very calming. Selenite is also connected to mental clarity and honesty, both of which can be difficult to achieve when dealing with depression. Selenite is connected with purity and white light. White light encompasses the light of the universe so it’s very cleansing and can help to push away dark feelings.

Black Tourmaline

Used to protect against negative energies both from internal and external forces it’s important for depression work because it helps to keep out negative influences from your mind even if that’s where they’re coming from. The stone encourages a positive attitude and looking to the future which many people who struggle with depression have difficulty with. By blocking negative influences from the past it also helps the person to rise above any previous issues that may be preventing them from pulling themselves out of a depressive funk.

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