standard Best Tattoo Conventions to Visit

Tattoo conventions are great. They’re an opportunity to meet legendary artists, get tattooed, see some killer shows, and hang out with some really cool people. You might even learn something while you’re there. There are now hundreds of tattoo conventions around the world. Some have specialties like women only, old school, and regional ones as well. If you’re going to go to only one convention, make sure it’s one of these:


The London convention is one of the biggest and best in the world. Held in an old brewery down by the Thames, some of the best artists internationally come here. There’s a huge selection of food, shopping, and it’s geared towards artists and the art itself rather than showmanship like some of the American conventions.

Empire State, NY

This is like a directory of the East Coast’s best tattooers. You’ll see a lot of performers and it’s sponsored by Inked Magazine. New York is pretty cool to visit anyway. You won’t see as many visible tattoos as on the West Coast but there’s still plenty to see and loads of awards.

Musink, LA

If you only go to one US convention then you should choose this one. Musink is the convention with the biggest musicians, classic cars, and top tattoo artists all under one roof. It’s a great place to see tattoo culture as a whole and not just the artists. It’s a three day party and you’d be silly to miss it if you’re around when it’s on!


Most of the best European conventions are in the UK, but if you’re going somewhere else it has to be Berlin. This convention has plenty of artists from Asia and the far east as well as Europe. You’ll also see a lot of different styles here as Europe is home to at least 3 separate styles of it’s own, not including the one’s you’ll find elsewhere.



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