standard Beware of Ayurvedic Medicine: Is it for Christians?


Ayurveda is believed to be one of the oldest medical systems in the world. It traces its roots in India over 3,000 years ago. Ayurveda means knowledge for long life. Many of its practices are out of the ordinary but its practitioners swear by them. The big question begging for an answer is whether there is a danger for Christians in practicing Ayurveda. Below are factors that could offer guidance.

The Authenticity of its Source

Ayurvedic practitioners claim the practice was received from Hindu gods by gurus through yogic meditation. It is believed the knowledge came from Divine revelation. For the Christian though, the source of this knowledge is questionable. The principal guide is the Bible and not some gods.

Practice is Based on Myth

Ayurveda claims there are three body types with each body type having a distinct remedies prescription.  There is neither scientific proof for the existence of such three body types nor for the Ayurvedic remedies. This is just but a Hindu myth.

Beware of Ayurvedic Medicine: Is it for Christians?

Idolatrous Practices to Achieve its Goals

Ayurveda uses idolatrous practices to realize its objectives. For instance, use of Yoga which means union. Its goal is to achieve union with the Hindu concept of god. The Bible categorically warns Christians to avoid anything that is associated with idolatry.

False Doctrine that Man is God

Ayurveda teaches that human being is God.  This is a false doctrine that advocates God is all things and that man is God. From the Christian perspective, that is a red flag. The Bible teaches that God is one; He is supreme and the creator of all things. At no time will the created equate itself with the creator.

Christians who seek help from Ayurveda are in conflict with the Bible and are putting themselves in spiritual and physical danger. A wise Christian will stay away from any associations with idolatry, demonism, and deception. It is believed that many Ayurvedic practitioners buy cheap drugs and combine them with other substances to make concoctions that sell for lots of money. For the believer, wisdom is the principal thing.

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Beware of Ayurvedic Medicine: Is it for Christians?

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