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standard Blood is Vampires Way of Life

daemon 2980812 1280 - Blood is Vampires Way of Life


Vampires refer to evil mythological humans who roam during the night looking for people’s blood to feed on. Vampires are associated with Count Dracula which is a traditional blood-sucking Bram Stoker subject. However, Vampires history began long before Stoker was born.

Blood is Vampires Way of Life

Vampires are of different characteristics such as vampire legends. However, the main characteristic of vampires is drinking blood. They drain the victims’ blood using sharp fangs after which they kill them and turn them into vampires. Vampires do hunt during the night since sunlight weakens their powers. There are some which can morph into a wolf or a bat. They do have a hypnotic and super powerful and they are not capable of casting shadows or seeing themselves on mirrors.

The first vampire can be traced to Greek mythology in Ambrogio a young Italian man life. Ambrogio’s story consists of several features of mainstream vampire tales like blood sucking, passion and sun sensitivity. Ambrogio is said to have felt in love with Selena after visiting the Apollo temple legendary Oracle, the sun god. Ambrogia asked Selena to marry him without knowing how jealous Apollo wanted Selena for his own. Apollo cursed Ambrogio by making his skin burn whenever he was exposed to sunlight.

Blood is Vampires Way of Life

However, Selena escaped and went to the immortal Ambrogio. Artemis then informed Ambrogio that he was capable of making Selena immortal by drinking her blood which will kill her body but her spirit will continue living. Both of their blood will be able to transform anyone who took it into a vampire.

Vlad Dracula is said to have been enjoying dining among his dying victims while he dips his bread on their blood. However, it is still not clear if these glory tales are real. Most people believe that this story sparked Stoker’s imagination creating Count Dracula.

Vampires used to thrive in the Middle Ages especially when plague used to decimate on towns leaving behind bleeding mouth lesion on the affected victims.

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Blood is Vampires Way of Life

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