Can You Trust Astrology?

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Can You Trust Astrology?

Of course you can. You can absolutely and with all of your heart trust astrology. However, you shouldn’t trust the astrologer. But this depends on something else…

Right now, you should know that the famous French psychologist and statistician, Michel Gauquelin (1955-1991) did the most famous and very thorough research in astrology field. He started from the point that he doesn’t trust astrology at all, but he was willing to compare the positions of the planets Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Moon in natal charts of scientists, athletes, actors and writers.

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And you can guess now. He found the precise correlations between positions of those planets in so called the house of career in those charts. From one of the great opponents of astrology during the years of his research, he turned out to be one of the most famous astrologers of the 20th century.

Soon after many other studies about planetary correlations and people’s professions, habits or events were conducted and the success of statistical data was way beyond the expected.  So, yes, you can trust the astrology.

The real problem here is that astrology interpretation is done by other astrologers who are people as we all are. And sometimes we can resonate with other person, but sometimes we don’t. This is why it’s always advisable to look at someone’s astrology work before you schedule your consultation. In today’s time this is easy. You just have to find their astrology articles or videos and decide for yourself.

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Some people expect to learn about their strengths and weaknesses from these kinds of sessions, but the others have desire to learn about the future events. In the same manner some astrologers are inclined more in psychology; some prefer medical subjects, whilst others are prone to predictions. You should find the one who suits you the most and you can also choose to test several astrologers, so that you can decide which one has the most accurate predictions.

And for personal testing of my astrological skills I’ve made this You Tube video so enjoy and have a great time this year.


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