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An Oracle card reading is a wonderful way to receive guidance. One need not necessarily have an issue to receive a reading. These powerful cards help you to focus on the energies and offers you insight into what you could expect. In short, a crisp guidance for a better future by connecting with the Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. This reading is for you, the readers of Sinfully Vin

What the card reading for the week will reveal

Awareness: What issues should I be most aware of over the coming week?

Guidance: How should I approach this week?

Predictions: What can I expect over the next week if I can follow the advice given?

Oracle Card Reading for 26/11 to 02/12

Deck: The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid      

Card 1: Awareness

What issues should I be most aware of over the coming week?


One-Ring Circus [Reversed]

“You Are Capable And Competent!”

When the card appears Reversed, it indicates the need for letting go of the control. Be consciously aware of your needs to control everything. There is no need to carry everything on your shoulder. You’re not the master player here; it is the role of the Divine. So break the old beliefs and seek for help. All you have to do is to let go of the fear-based beliefs you have been carrying with you all these days. With fear, nothing happens. When you choose to replace fear with love, you’ll be able to feel the weight lifting away from you.

Step out of your away and surrender yourself to the Universal power without holding the reins in your hand. And, yes you are capable to doing that. When you do this one step, you’ll find the solution for your woes flowing into you easily and effortlessly.

Card 2: Guidance

How should I approach this week?


Wizard Of Awareness [Upright]

“Your Soul Knows Best; Be Still And Observe.”

What a perfect card. Exactly in sync with Card 1. Approach this week with the attitude of an observer. Be mindful whenever you feel you are about to load up yourself with something that you really don’t have to. You have the potential to see things clearly now. So take the help of the Wizard and ask him to guide you as you learn the techniques of letting go and surrendering. “The Wizard of Awareness asks you to give up your need to define or limit what you’re experiencing now. It’s all good! Let it be, and watch the miracle unfold without any direct influence from you.”

So it be.

Card 3: Predictions

What can I expect over the next week if I can follow the advice given?


Spirit Of Place [Upright]

“Authenticity Is The Essence Of Power.”

When the Spirit of Place appears in an Upright way, it is an indication that the answer to your query is within you reach. If you allow yourself to surrender and let go of the need of controlling the situation, you’ll be able to get the solution very soon. Just relax and let go. Once you’re able to identify the root, you’ll be locate the answer you’re seeking. Authenticity is your greatest possession. So own it now.

Your Oracle Reading

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