standard 5 TV shows inspired by the success of “Charmed”


It’s been over a decade since we waved goodbye to the Halliwell sisters for the last time, but devoted fans of Charmed will never forget their adventures filled with magic, romance and suspense. In the years to come, the show achieved a Cult following and there’s still talk of an upcoming reboot that would provide us with another opportunity to revisit the Halliwell Manor. Many TV shows tried to replicate its success and none of them came even close. If you’re still looking for some magic in your life you might want to give these a go.


Witches of East End

Keeping your descendants in the dark about their magical powers is one of the most common and overused tropes in TV shows of this kind. Witches of East End couldn’t escape it. It had all twists and turns you’d expect from a Lifetime drama about an immortal witch who was forced to tell her two daughters she spent her life hiding a secret about their ancient powers.


The Witches of Eastwick has already been adapted into a star-studded film back in 1987. A few years after Charmed was over it seemed like a good idea to bring it back. It followed another trio – not connected by family ties, but by their desire for something new and exciting. The answer came in form of a mysterious stranger, who encouraged them to explore their magical abilities, but also made them wonder if they’re a blessing or a curse.

The Secret Circle

Watching Charmed as a teenager made you fantasize about what it would look like if you suddenly discovered that you had all these amazing mysterious powers. Well, it would look like The Secret Circle. It follows Cassie Blake who moves in with her grandmother after her mother’s death, only to find out she’s a witch thanks to five of her classmates, who share the same fate.


If romantic dynamic between Phoebe and Cole was your favorite part of Charmed, this show may be your cup of tea. It follows another teenage witch named Cassie, who is tempted by the Fallen Angel Azazeal after discovering her true identity. It’s basically Charmed’s edgy British cousin you should probably avoid if you were into this show because of the Halliwell family values.

American Horror Story: Coven

AHS is on their path to exploring every horror trope that comes to mind, so witches naturally got their turn. If Hex isn’t edgy enough for you, third season Coven should satisfy your cravings for sinister and bizarre. There are no two words more fitting to describe ensemble of characters marching through Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.

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