standard Crazy Tattoo Laws You Must Hear

Everyone knows there’s some weird laws out there – no aliens in vineyards, no shooting ducks from UFOs etc. Law makers have come up with some really crazy stuff and tattooing is just as regulated. Check out these silly things that people have tried to legalize:

No Age Limit
Ireland and some states (Washington DC) have no legal age minimum for getting tattooed but fortunately most parlors will refuse stupid ideas of unaccompanied minors.
Many states have no laws governing piercings under age, for example, in Virginia you can have anything pierced under 18 as long as your parent consents including genital piercings!

No Eyeliner
Permanent makeup is big business these days but you can’t tattoo within an inch of the eye socket in Georgia. This applies to microblading and brows as well. Plus according to Georgia law you can’t get tattooed ANYWHERE on a Sunday within state lines.

Coincidentally, it’s also illegal to tattoo in South Carolina, Dubai, Iran, and in some cities like Newport News Virginia. Oklahoma only recently legalized tattooing.

Married Only
In Iowa you can get tattooed under the age of 18 only under one condition – you have to be married. If you say “I do” before the age of 18 then it’s legal for you to get tattooed without parent or partner’s consent otherwise you’ll have to wait until you’re 18.

Doctors Only
Hawaii only allows for tattooing on the eye and ear area when it’s supervised or performed by a licensed physician. All permanent cosmetics, for example, can only be done in a doctors office. Wisconsin only allows tattooing if it’s for medical purposes period.

No Bikers
You would think bikers make up a large part of tattoo clientele so making it illegal for a biker to be in a tattoo parlor seems impossible. In Adelaide Australia bikers, associates and members of motorcycle clubs are no longer allowed to own tattoo parlors.

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