standard Cult Book Review : The Girl from Aquarius


Cult books are moving into the realm of hipsters. Old book stores are havens for long forgotten novels, relics of another time. I remember sneaking this book off my mother’s shelf as a child. The provocative 60’s cover of a busty teenager with psychadelic lighting and purple page edges appealed to my budding sexual appetites. What I found was a book that I became enthralled with. A book that dealt in the forbidden, and for a change did not tell me not to do it. The following for books like this is growing because they shed light on a generation that today is only seen as parental and yet, with books like The Electric Kool-Aid Acid test and Dune there is obviously so much that has been forgotten.

The Plot:

Dani is your typical 1960s teenager rebelling against well off parents who “want the best for her” a theme many teenagers can empathize with. She meets many men through the books plot, her encounters with them shaping her through adversity into the woman she becomes. She struggles with being cut off, an unwanted pregnancy, drugs, and the questions that most teenagers try and answer for themselves. The final nail being that she has the choice to continue to rebel against society but instead conforms, choosing to be like most other “grown ups”. Again, something many of us can empathize.

Why it’s Cult?

The Girl from Aquarius is an obscure book, just try finding a copy. But it challenges every teenagers need to know about drugs and sex by being an account of someone who has been there. The book doesn’t preach, doesn’t tell you not to do these things, but encourages exploration. Albeit with very explicit details of the consequences.

Those who know of this book are usually either fans of the obscure, or aging hippies from the 60’s themselves who once stood in the shoes of this girl. This book is the definition of a generation split in two – those who conformed and became the baby boomers and those who didn’t.

Cult Book Review : The Girl from Aquarius

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