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Re-animator (1985)Cult classics, they are movies that got better with age, so bad they’re good, or just have a small but dedicated following. Our society has always gravitated around things even though we struggle to explain what we like about it so much.

I have written a lot of things in my time. So, when I began to look for subjects and articles to write about, I gravitated towards the weird and the wonderful. In a way, I think I have always gone towards the odd movies, and it was no different for the prompt I found. The question was, “What is the best cult classic?” That answer is easy. Re-animator!

If you are not familiar with Re-animator (first, shame on you), it is a horror flick from 1985 starring Jeffrey Coombs of later Star Trek fame (Weyoun from Deep Space 9 if you’re curious) and Barbara Crampton. It I loosely based off a short story by horror grandfather H.P. Lovecraft.

The amazing thing about the movie

If you’re looking for a strange tale, Re-animator is the one! Without giving too much away, Jeffrey Coombs plays Doctor Herbert West who has been working on a formula that can reanimate the dead. As you can imagine, the movie has quite a bit of dread, blood, and grotesque creatures.

The thing that stands out about Re-animator is that it does not try to be “yet-another-horror-movie” but wanted to bring an adaption of the short story it was based on to the screen. The performances from the actors were compelling, and even for the age of the film, it has lived on well through time.

For those who ask me about movies that I would recommend, Re-animator is one of them as it is a powerful example of classic horror in its finest form.


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Cult Class: Re-animator

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