standard Cult Movies you’ve probably NEVER seen


Everyone, no matter what generation you’re from, has seen one or two cult movies. A movie becomes a cult movie as soon as it has a following, whether it’s popular in theaters or not. However, many cult fans love more obscure movies. Cult movies are often B movies, independent films, and even self-made movies on small budgets. Most big name Hollywood flicks are usually too big to be true cult movies until they’ve been out of theaters for a while.

Barfly (1987)

The only screenplay Charles Bukowski ever did. It starred two big names – Faye Dunaway (who was nominated for a Golden Globe) and Mickey Rourke. It follows a boozehound who gets the option to turn his life around. While the plot itself is lacking the characters are rich. This will appeal to fans of shows like Shameless and gritty real-life imitation.

Dancing Outlaw (1991)

You may recognize the name Jesco White. His cult character status has been firmly cemented. It was originally hard to find except in bootleg but the creator has since put it on Amazon. Set in West Virginia, it follows a dancer and all the things to be expected of average poverty in the mountains. It’s a little bit like a redneck version of dirty dancing meets My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, minus the gypsies.

Delicatessen (1991)

For fans of Monty Python the humor of this movie will suit just fine. It is a beautiful depiction of a former circus performer who has become a handyman. Just like in Sweeney Todd, the basement is a butchers, and tenants have a habit of going missing just before they restock………

The Devil’s Backbone (2001)

The year this came out there were some huge movies from Hollywood which is why it got hidden. The film is directed by famed director Guillermo del Toro and is that shiver-creepy that he’s so good at. Set in a 1930’s orphanage it’s a bunch of physically mangled characters, broken emotionally and physically and all tiptoeing around a massive unexploded bomb – literally.

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