standard Cult Vampire Shows to Binge On


Now that The Vampire Diaries has finally finished, there’s a distinct vacuum in the television schedule for any vampire based show (The Originals doesn’t count because it’s just a spin off). For the first time in almost 2 decades there isn’t a single good vampire series out there. While this could mean hopping over to some other sub-genre, it’s also the perfect opportunity to go back to the roots with cult classics like Buffy and Forever Knight. Taking the 90’s kitch into context, these are where it started and by the time you work your way back to 2017 you might get lucky with a new vampire series. So what should you binge on?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

It goes without saying that as the queen of 90’s vampires, Buffy Summers deserves first place. If you haven’t watched it (what planet were you on?) then remember that the beginning of this series is early 90s and has the clothing and tech no match. For those of us who lived through the 90s it’s a walk back down memory lane for those awful cordoroy dresses, and that Ramen noodle hair. With plenty of eye candy, sassy one liners, soulful vampires and a young David Boreanaz what’s not to like? The series does get a bit convoluted towards the end, and you can probably skip over the “Once More with Feeling” episode if you’re not ken on musicals, but otherwise it’s a must. You can always follow on with the equally dated Angel, but it’s subpar compared to the main show.

True Blood

A more modern cult show, Sookie is a rather difficult character to love, in fact most people would love for her to meet her demise, but the rest of the characters and cast are stellar. If you love the combination of brooding vampire, psychotic B#@!, lovable misfits, and the sassiest man this side of N’Orleans (who doesn’t love Lafayette?) then this show is great. In fact, just try and stop yourself from binge watching it. The story follows the rather bumbling heroine as she falls in love with one vampire after another, all while the rest of the vampire world tries to kill her because she’s “special”.

Forever Knight

If you like Law and Order then this is a great show. A little dated since it ran between 92-96, but it has the classic tormented vampire trying to make up for hundreds of years of vampirism by “giving back” to his community as a detective. The protagonist spends much of his time trying to figure out how to become human again and while it’s overall pretty cliche, it’s a good mystery show. Perfect for fans who love the tortured side of vampirism, but want more than a love story as the main plot.

The Strain

For those who like their vampires less human this Guillermo Del Toro thriller series has a viral outbreak of vampirism that’s gory, dark, and terrifying. Perfect for those who love real horror and not the diluted “friendly” monsters that populate TV nowadays. Humanity is at war and fighting for survival. Gritty, and while it lacks in plot narrative, it’s more than brutal enough to make up for it in blood.