standard Do Satanists have Holidays?

Every religion has holidays. Everyone knows about the big ones like Christmas for Christians, Passover for Jews, and Diwali for Hindus but what about Satanism? While Satanism isn’t considered to be one of the largest religions in the world you’ll be surprised to find that Satanists actually have a religious holiday shared by the entire 7 billion population of the planet.


As Satanism centers around self, the highest Satanist holiday possible is your birthday! Since your birthday celebrates you all you have to do is the usual things on your birthday. There are no traditions or rites but since Satanism is about you, you might want to pamper yourself and get a manicure, enjoy a nap, and don’t forget the cake!


Satanism is deeply ingrained with nature which, like Paganism, means the Equinoxes are important Satanist holidays. The Spring climax celebrates the founding of the Church of Satan and is also called Walpurgisnacht. The exact date varies from year to year but the event is spent enjoying the warmer weather outside.

Halloween/the fall equinox is also celebrated at a time when Satanists can explore their inner self and express that through costume or as an homage to a dead personality. As a Satanist holiday Halloween is not particularly important but most people celebrate it anyway as part of American culture and as a fun event rather than a deeply spiritual one.

Do Satanists celebrate Christmas?

Satanists don’t really have a holiday schedule like most larger religions. A Satanist holiday is any opportunity to celebrate self and while many do participate in other holidays like Christmas because of the general cultural atmosphere where they live it’s not a spiritual thing but rather tradition. Since many Christian holidays have been stolen from Pagan rites anyway there’s no reason they can’t be a Satanist holiday too.

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