standard Do you Believe in Vibes and Aura?


“I am not getting good vibes from this person”. Everyone in their whole life span experiences this kind of feeling several times. We tend to keep away from that person as we don’t feel comfortable being close to him or her. It’s a kind of sixth sense which we all have as a protective mechanism.

Do you Believe in Vibes and Aura?Do you Believe in Vibes and Aura?

Let us not confuse between vibes and aura. There is a very thin line of differentiation between the two. Vibes and Auras are forms of nonverbal communication, mostly communicated through visual and sensory modes. Vibes or vibrations are the energies we emit; majorly classified as positive or negative. Vibe is the good or bad atmosphere you feel being close to a person or a place. An extremely simple example of good vibe is when you feel happy, relaxed and safe being with someone or at some place. Positive vibes are feelings of love, care, joy, gratitude, kindness and peace. Negative vibes are exactly opposite feelings.

Do you Believe in Vibes and Aura?

Aura in a way is also associated with vibes. As per Wikipedia an aura or human energy field is a colored emanation said to enclose a human body or any animal or object. Let me try to make it simple to understand. Albert Einstein proved that everything in universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Our body is energy, our thoughts are vibrations of energy. As per the below diagram our body has seven Chakras. Exactly like a rainbow, the human aura has 7 layers. Each layer or color is connected to the 7 Chakras and has a characteristic associated with the color.

Do you Believe in Vibes and Aura?

An aura is an electromagnetic field surrounding everything, it is like a shield. Not everybody can see auras. People who have studied auras say that a healthy aura is bright, vibrant, clear and does not have ruddy spots and shapes, discoloration, tears, rips and holes. The aura of an ill person is dull, lacking color and fading away. Aura of a depressed person is dark and difficult to read. Positive attitude and purity of thoughts will help us have our body emit positive vibes and bright glowing aura. When we learn how to cleanse our auras we can spread the love and good vibes around to make the world a better place.

Do you Believe in Vibes and Aura?

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