standard DUNE – 8 Things you Never Knew About the SciFi Cult Classic

The first Dune book has now sold over 20 million copies. It’s been translated into dozens of languages, and for a book that was rejected 23 times it has become the epitome of cult. The Dune series has become the science fiction version of Tolkien, and even though critics hated it, fans have loved it for 60 years.

8 Things you Never Knew About DUNE

  1. Frank Herbert got the inspiration for the novel from a trip to Oregon where he was entranced by the sand dunes at the beach.
  2. The book was originally published in parts by a car manual printing company as a series. The editor was also fired after publishing it and the company refused to publish the sequel.
  3. Dune is one of the few Sci-fi concepts not to have a visual element, so any cosplay would be entirely based on the reader’s own mind. The Dune movie was terrible because the producers struggled to produce items from the book that didn’t exist in real life.
  4. There are 18 books total in the Dune universe, though they are progressively poorer in writing. There are also spin-off books by Frank’s son and others which are written more to conventional tastes.
  5. The ending was supposed to be Camp. The book is very slow paced, however the final scene is action packed and the deliberate sharp ending was intended to get readers to buy the next book.
  6. Spice and Sandworms were supposed to be a direct substitute for dragons and gold from medieval story books.
  7. Many details were left out of Dune intentionally. The idea was for the reader to create their own details in the universe and have a more personal connection by being forced to think about elements in the story.
  8. The original story line had Kynes as the protagonist but as the story developed other characters became more important.

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