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CaptainMarvel - Empowering Women to Fight

For most, when we talk about superheroes, some of the names that suddenly comes to their mind is Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America etc. But there a few who also say Wonder Women, Captain Marvel etc. These women superheroes have not only been a catalyst in empowering women to come out and fight for their rights but also is an example that women can do anything. Here are some of the action superheroines who have been inspiring a lot a women.

Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel was originally a male character. But when feminism struck across the United States and when people were looking for a female superhero, Ms. Marvel debuted. An officer of the United States Air Force, Captain Marvel or Carol Denvers was originally a scientist with no superhuman powers. But after an explosion that occurred, Captain Marvel gained superhuman strength. In fact, she is the most popular women superhero of all time. She fights crimes by flying across the sky at six times the speed of the sound and can shoot concussive energy bursts from the tip of her fingers. She’s also a skilled pilot and today one of the leading forces of the Avengers team.

Wonder Woman

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Like Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman grew to popularity during the tide of feminism in the 1970s. She was the poster girl of the DC Comics Universe. The Princess of the Amazon tribe, Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, who is also behind the invention of Lie Detector. This can pretty much explain the Golden Lasso of Truth that this superwoman carries with her on all occasions. But Wonder Women was popular even during World War II. Her unwavering patriotism during the biggest war that the world had seen, instilled hope among the men and the women. Her combat skills are incomparable and taking her down is not an easy task.

Black Widow

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Another popular woman superhero of the Marvel Comic Universe, Black Widow does not have origins like the Spiderman. Her name comes from the great usage of sniper and high-tech weaponry. Black Widow, the alter ego of Natasha Romanova was originally a Russian Spy. But she defected the Soviet Union for the United States of America because of her love towards Hawkeye. It was during the fight with Iron Man that the love blossomed. But seeing that she had ditched the Soviet Union, Hawkeye uses it as a chance to make her the member of the Avengers. She is highly intelligent and is resistant to aging and disease of any kind, making her immune to any biological weapons.


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Elastigirl also called Mrs. Incredible is one of the popular characters of Marvel Comics. The reason why she was named Elastigirl because the writers felt that women are being pulled by the society in many different directions and they have to cater to them. The alter ego of Helen Parr, she stays in hiding with her family for a long time until her husband is in distress. She takes up things in her hand and goes on to save her husband and later the entire city. She is a ‘kickass mom’ and has thus inspired many.

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