standard Facts about polygamy 


Polygamy is the practice of marrying or being married to more than a person or one spouse at the same time.

Polygamy takes many forms. When a man marries more than one wife it is called polygyny meanwhile when a woman is married to more than one man or a husband it is called polyandry and in the rare occasion where a marriage comprises of different spouses (multiple husbands and wives), it can be called a group marriage. Monogamy is the opposite of polygamy; it is a marriage consisting of only two parties, a marriage between one husband and wife.

The roots of polygamy cannot be truly known but it has been practiced for a long time. Polygamy is mostly practiced in Africa, some parts of Asia and in majorly countries that practice Islam as a religion. They are different reasons that make different people go into polygamy. The reasons are, a massive libido, religion, culture, and some reasons are peculiar to Africa, especially in countries that are under developed, these reasons include, an avenue to display wealth, the search for a male child, manual labor for the farm. And many other reasons that are known only to the people that do it.

Some countries have laws that see polygamy or any of its forms as illegal; countries like America.

Some religions oppose polygamy, religions like Christianity. While others like Hinduism and Islam supports polygamy. Polygamy in the Old Testament was once supported by Christianity; polygamy was rampant and was normal. No word in the New Testament expressly condemns polygamy but most Christians have drawn conclusions from vague statements about marriage and have outlawed polygamy. Some still theorize that polygamy in Christianity is valid though.

Islam supports the notion of polygamy, in Islamic marital jurisprudence, under some stipulated conditions and rules, a Muslim man may have more than one wife at the same time, up to a total of four.

Hindu does support polygamy under stipulated laws I don’t really understand.

The Polyandry form of polygamy is accepted in most religion, permitting men to marry more than one wife. But they condemn the act of a woman being married to more than one man. Examples are some of the religion mentioned above

Polygamy has been on the decline for the past recently. Due to several reasons

One of them is because of the various sexual transmittable diseases that are in the world today. Another are the economic implications surrounding it, feeding a normal family can be quite a feat, now imagine where a polygamous family that comprises of a man and five wives, each wives having three or two children under them. It is quite a feat to achieve. Another is because of religions like Christianity that look down on the issue of polygamy.

Another is the rate of failure of these marriages.. Most of these marriages arent born out of love; they come to being because of the obligations placed upon them by the family. A marriage born out of obligation cant really stand the test of time. Some born out of love – that is if these marriages can be said to be born out of love – dont last either. Because, love is selfish and it doesnt share; it wants what it wants for itself. So the parties involved either leave the marriage or make trouble for the other parties while suffering the miserable union.

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