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Not all heroes are caped. But there are a few who are caped who fight the world’s crimes and foster peace in the world. They tell the world that not everything is over and put their lives at risk for the good of the world. Here are a few action heroes who have suffered yet helped the world and its people.


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Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger for DC comics, Batman is one of the greatest action heroes of all time. The unsung hero of Gotham City first debuted in May 1939. The alter ego of Bruce Wayne, he was born into a wealthy family of Gotham City. While coming back from the screening of a movie, Wayne’s parents were robbed and eventually killed by the robbers. Every superhero has a motive and his motive began at this very moment. An orphan at an early age, he decided to fight the criminals in the Gotham City and after years of hard work and training, became the savior of the city. Often, Batman is accompanied by Dick Grayson, the young boy with a similar history as Wayne, and became his partner in fighting crimes, Robin. The two have fought together and saved the world from villains like Ras-al-Ghul, Joker, etc.


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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is Superman! This is a phrase that you must have come across multiple times. The red and blue suited hero flies above the city of Metropolis at supersonic speeds to rescue people and to bring peace to the community. The alter ego of Clark Kent, when he is not in a caped suit, he is in a formal suit writing reports for the city’s top newspaper Daily Planet. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, Superman made his debut in 1938 and grew popular in no time because of the interesting origin of this ‘Man of Steel’. He’s not a son of the Earth but was born in the planet called Krypton. In order to save him from the doom, he was sent to planet earth by his parents in a rocket. He’s found by a couple near their house and raise him. But sometimes, your home can also be your place of weakness. That’s the same with Superman. He can’t be easily destroyed. But with kryptonite in your hand, the ‘Man of Steel’ is an easy catch.

Doctor Strange

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Knowledge is power. The same goes with Dr. Stephen Strange. Considered to be one of the best doctors of the United States, Stephen meets with an accident is unable to lead a normal life. After hearing about one of his patients being cured of his inabilities, he goes in search of the cure to Nepal where he learns about mystic powers and beings. An avid reader, he spends his time to read about mystical things and finds out about the dark dimension that is preparing to destroy the world. He develops an intention to save the world and becomes a ‘caped’ superhero as the cape attaches itself to people who want to do good things. He’s one of the popular Avengers and is a part of the Marvel comic universe.

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