standard Flying in Dreams? Here’s Its Meaning

It’s rare to fly in dreams. If this happens, then it entails something good. These are called “lucid dreams” where a dreamer is fully aware that he/she is dreaming and can even choose the direction of flying. However, understanding the meaning of such dreams depends on its context too!

This dream shows you are currently at the peak of your area of work and your future is shinny. It suggests that you are comfortable with what you are in charge of or working on. Upon waking, you will feel energized and on top of life. Take advantage of this mindset, erase impossibilities in your mind, and see every goal you set is achievable.

However flying in dreams could also mean something bad! This dream comes from your subconscious mind. It could reflect the tough times you are facing. Be it; disappointing relationships, troubles at your work place, financial difficulties or even lack of self-confidence. Flying alerts you should wake up and escape from these tough times. Relate the dream with your current life situation. Deal with whatever troubles you. It’s time to take control.

Some people may experience this dream soon after they fall asleep. This is a positive sign! It entails that you’ve made the right decisions regarding your life. Some may fly up the sky, and remain just floating somewhere. This indicates complete relaxation. It means you are comfortable with your life. Let everything follow its natural path.

Some will dream flying in the air and suddenly start falling. This situation will be filled with fears. If you experience this, it’s time to erase your negativities. Take time, refresh your mind. Associate with positive-minded people! Others could see a bird’s eye view during this dream. It indicates you need proper plans. Review your life vision. You may need to change it. Explore opportunities around you. Chances are, you may get some new ideas that will change your life forever.

Lastly, this dream could mean sexual release. You probably had sexual oppression and social norms suppressing you. This dream indicates you being tension free now. In short there are a lot of interpretations about this dream. Both good and bad! Bad ones will hold you back. Do not stress on them. Focus on good interpretations and live by them.

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