standard Fraudulent Beliefs – Mars Square Neptune


We all really have to start with something, and this was his case too. He grew up watching injustice and social disadvantages. He was poor and hungry, and like any young poor and hungry guy in this world he had to fight and to learn from his experiences.

His destiny could lead him in two directions. He either became one of the union leaders, finding himself in awful working conditions, organizing and promoting the worker’s rights; meeting the proper people in all the proper places and establishing connections.

Fraudulent Beliefs – Mars Square Neptune

Doing some shady jobs also… for powerful few.

Now he had reached the highest of the high; he is currently thinking about political career and some hidden funds are placed in safe banks abroad just to ensure the desired future of his family.

Or… he turned toward religion. But none of the established spiritual systems was enough for him. His way with God was the only way, so he managed to gather the small group of followers and to found the first temple.

Later years brought him strength, influence and wealth. His cult was established as the leading and rapidly growing religious teaching and the followers multiplied. In the same manner as his fleet of exquisite cars, jewelry collection and women more than interested to assist him in many occasions, especially intimate ones.

Fraudulent Beliefs – Mars Square Neptune

Somewhere along this chosen path he started to do illegal drugs and those mind altering substances helped him to realize the grand idea of collective dying. He was the only one to understand that he is dying from sexually transmitted disease, so this turned out to be the wonderful starting point for his newest preaching about the coming encounter with the Pleiadians… through death.

By the middle of February the planet Mars in Sagittarius will be extremely strong exchanging his power with Jupiter in Scorpio. This is the sign of power and far-reaching influence of the ideas coming from the determined man. However, this Mars will be in square with planet Neptune in Pisces, showing fraudulent and even dangerous situations closely related to twisted religious beliefs and hidden bookkeeping for sure.

Take your time during these few weeks and don’t adopt any idea coming from a shady man trying to lead you.

Fraudulent Beliefs – Mars Square Neptune

You can always find your own way and this proper path will be shown to you by the beginning of the month of March.

To see how these Aspects affect you personally or for personal testing of my astrological skills I’ve made this week’s You Tube video, so check if my predictions can resonate with you.

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Fraudulent Beliefs – Mars Square Neptune

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