Great Horror Moms from the 80’s

There are just a few of us real sickos horror fans who know the intrinsic value that the role of the mom played in all 80’s horror flicks. The eighties are arguably the very best years the horror genre has ever had.
Great Horror Moms from the 80'sEighties horror has its own faction of groupies, dedicated websites and magazines, and festivals all across the country. The Lost Boys, Cujo, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Poltergeist, and The Shining are all standout- 1980’s horror movies that have gone down in the annals as unforgettable icons of the genre. One thing all of these blockbusters have in common is a strong mother role that played a big part in the films success.

Here are some of the greatest 80’s horror moms in no particular order.

Great Horror Moms from the 80'sPamela Voorhees 

Friday the 13th: Jason, the hockey-mask wearing, murdering, psychopath who terrorized the kids of Camp Crystal Lake was innocent in the first movie. Turned out, it was his crazy ass mom Pam who had went over the deep end after his death the camp in a drowning accident. She blamed the counselors for his drowning and returned to the camp upon her release from a mental institute and killed them all. Kevin Bacon receiving the coveted arrow in the neck shot.
Great Horror Moms from the 80'sWendy Torrance

The Shining: Poor old Wendy just wanted to spend a nice quiet winter in the mountains as a supportive wife to her novelist husband as he took on the role of winter caretaker for a grand old lodge empty for the season. The fact that he was a recovering alcoholic and the place would be bone dry and very literally buried under mounds of snow for months was just an added advantage. Little did she know, although her son’s imaginary friend had all but told her beforehand, once they arrived and the snow began to fall her husband would go bat-shit crazy, possessed by the souls of debauched celebrity guests of the lodge from decades past. Wendy triumphs in the end even though she has to butcher her beloved to do it.

Great Horror Moms from the 80's

Diane Freeling

Poltergeist; Diane was the perfect suburban mom living the perfect California suburban mom life. She had three gorgeous kids and a husband, Steve, who worked hard to give them all life’s nice things. She just found out a little too late that he got those nice things by building houses, including their own, on top of an ancient burial ground. Little Carol Ann is sucked into another ghostly dimension. Diane and Steve have to battle Satan himself to get her back. Diane kicks ass as she ties a rope around her waist and walks into the fiery light to retrieve her daughter and falls out of the ceiling with her arms wrapped around her covered in slime.

Great Horror Moms from the 80'sDonna Trenton

Cujo: Donna. Oh Donna. Why didn’t you get that car fixed sooner? Three days in a car with her sick son makes her realize some of life’s hardest truths. It gives her strength, though, and she ends up killing rabid-ass Cujo, the mad dog that wandered into the yard three days earlier, keeping her trapped in the car. There are some long, sweaty, scenes that are nightmares in themselves. She grabs mad strength when it comes down to her son or the dog.

Great Horror Moms from the 80'sLucy Emerson

The Lost Boys: Lucy Emerson probably had the hottest two sons of any 80’s movie ever but they were also the weirdest. Especially the oldest, Michael, who became a vampire for a short time. Lucy is bouncing back from a divorce when she moves in with her eccentric, old father in a small California town that happens to be overrun with sexy, 20-something vampires. Coincidentally, Lucy goes out on a date with a nerdy local business owner who turns out to be the king of all the vampires. Through it all, she keeps her mom sweetness rolling and barely raises her voice.

Great Horror Moms from the 80's

Marge Thompson

Nightmare on Elm Street: Nancy had a hell of a time fighting Freddy Kruger in her dreams. No one believed her. Especially not her mom, Marge, who spent most of her time in the bottle or on the dating scene. Marge was a divorcee from her policeman hubby and having it rough. Her insomniac daughter wasn’t making it any easier with her night terrors and daytime nightmares in school. Is it any wonder she’s so screwed up? She was one of the original parents who burned poor pedophile Freddy Krueger to death years before. The same Freddy who was now haunting the dreams of her baby girl and her close friends. Marge pulls it together somewhat by the end of the film, never fear. In typical 80’s mom fashion, Marge tosses the bottle aside long enough to battle the bad guy.


Great Horror Moms from the 80's

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